From The Principal’s Desk

I consider it a great honour to be the Principal of Amrutha Public School. I am absolutely happy to spend my time in this ‘Saraswathy Shrine” for the prime reason that the School Management is very keen on ensuring fairness and justice to the students and staff without intervening in the routine functioning of the school.

Every school has its own flavour, its own climate and its own impact. In due course these factors naturally give shape to a culture to the school. I firmly believe that the unique culture maintained by Amrutha Public School is the probable result of the efficacy, philanthropy and magnanimity of the school Management.

The job of a principal is perhaps the most stressful of all jobs. He is alone in the system to manage different groups of people such as the student group, the teacher group, the management group, the parent group and the like. So it is essential that the Principal should own a blemishless personality for tangible results. He should accept new challenges with warmth. Comfort zone is beyond his temperament. He has to be truthful, humble, humane and open-minded. Above all he should have the strong conviction that hard work is the basis of all human achievements.

In the school, every child matters. Every child is unique. Individual attention to every child, every day must be a regular and consistent practice in schools. This is the best practice that can be relied upon to bring sublimity to the school climate. If every school , every teacher thinks that each individual child is unique and important our schools can make wonders in the world.

Learning should be an enjoyable exercise in the campus. The sanctity and sublimity of the school climate lies in the type of discipline maintained in the school. The school should be a place where a student likes to go. It should be a pleasant and welcoming place. Students are poor creatures living in the warmth of the heart of the teachers. Teachers who are well organized, imaginative and systematic can influence and change students dramatically. They do not require a harsh method to discipline their students. . A firm disapproval will be enough for most children. We don’t want “ceremonies of humiliation” in our sublime campus. We want a committed band of teachers who have a passion for teaching, love for the subjects taught and empathy for their students.

The success and effectiveness of an institution depend on the loyalty of its staff to the set of values maintained by the Institution. I am privileged to state that this is literally true of my staff working in this vibrant campus. As the context warrants let me quote a text from Goethe for many teachers’ reminiscence:

“Treat a man as he appears to be
And you will make him worse
Treat a man as what he potentially could be
And you will make him what he should be”.