Most steel strings have a nut width around 42mm, so 48mm is about in the middle of a classical and steel string. I have a Fishman Loudbox 100. The tuner has an auto shutoff feature. I love music and guitar. I would say my NTX700 produces about 80% the volume and about 90% the sustain acoustically compared to my traditional classical. Enjoy the lowest prices and best selection of Yamaha Classical & Nylon Guitars at Guitar Center. They sound natural and do not have feedback problems. It also feels fine on the right leg or with a strap. If you want find a right beginner guitar for yourself or your kid, you are in the right place. I have adjusted my neutral right hand position to be directly over the sound hole. My left hand became more precise. Because of the 14th fret body joint, you should adjust your neutral right hand position. But I personally find a 52mm nut too wide for my hands. The 9 volt battery can be changed without removing the strings. If budget is an issue, my guess would be to put your money in your amp. The 700 offers a solid spruce top with Nato back, sides, and neck. I paid over three times for the Juan Hernandez, but the traditional classical design, ergonomically speaking, needs to evolve. It has dual volume controls on the preamp that gives it a chance of glistening to the high end. This post was initially published in an review I made last year. Yamaha NTX700 electric classical guitar. Case not included. Surprisingly, this made a noticeable difference in the acoustic quality of the guitar. Acoustically, I’m not sure what this does, but you should be aware, if you have a snug fitting classical guitar case, the NTX700 will not fit in the case because of the larger lower bout. A classical guitarist can vary tone by playing at different distances from the bridge. I have had the nut on my NTX700 modified though. contact pickups). The NTX700 is a magnitude order easier to play. Back Material -Nato or Okume This has helped reduce adjacent string damping errors. I should let you know that I am a full breed classical guitarist, playing primarily classical and fingerstyle repertoire. The NTX700 has superb pickups that begs the guitar to be amplified. Copyright text 2020 by, (Review) Yamaha NTX700 Acoustic Electric Classical Guitar. Yamaha NTX700 electric classical guitar. Change ), You are commenting using your Twitter account. Condition is Near Mint, with Yamaha Foamshell Case. Scale Length- 650mm (25 9/16”) Body Length- 490mm (19 5/16") Total Length- 1026mm (40 3/8") Body Width- 384mm (15 1/8") Body Depth- 80-90mm (3 1/8" - 3 9/16") Nut Width- 48mm (1 7/8") String Spacing- * 10.6mm. The NTX700 is longer end to end than a traditional classical. Country Of Origin: China Case: None Neck Wood: Nato Fretboard Wood: Rosewood Side Wood: Nato Back Wood: Nato Electronics: Yes The neck is thinner measured from the fretboard to the back of the neck. The sustain is now about the same as a full body guitar. Then switch to 3|1|4, 3|6|3 and do an arpeggio that involves all strings but the 5th. I have since sold my Juan Hernandez traditional classical. Perfect crossover guitar for someone who wants to incorporate nylon-string sounds into their palette. A customer with and NTX who was finding the string spacing a bit “tight” asked : So I want a guitar to be comfortable in order for it to be pleasurable to play. This, however, doesn’t mean that you should spend all your investment or income on buying an expensive guitar. When I switch to plugged in, I am rewarded by the full frequency response of the pickups, and the full dynamic range of my playing. ( Log Out /  The NTX, like the NCX is the result of collaboration by Rodrigo y Gabriela with Yamaha who have passed a pretty incredible work for the same entry with NTX700. $199.99. My opinion of these pickups is based on naturalness of sound, overall frequency response, and sensitivity. Steel string and electrics have been built this way for decades. The NTX700 has less sympathetic resonance with other strings. Intonation on the NTX700 is very accurate throughout the whole neck. The NTX700 has pretty low action. If you have shopped for your beginner guitar but can’t decide which guitar to buy, you are also in the right place. This item Yamaha NTX700 Acoustic Electric Classical Guitar Ibanez GA35TCEDVS Acoustic/Electric Guitar - Dark Violin Burst Cordoba C1 3/4 Small Body Acoustic Nylon String Guitar, Protégé Series, with Standard Gig Bag If you have access to one, try this. The NTX700 has a larger lower bout. Great sound, super versatility, and excellent playability. I have been playing guitar for more than 10 years and I am teaching guitar lessons now. Yamaha today launched the NX Series of six nylon-string acoustic-electric guitars featuring contemporary body styles and proprietary preamp/pickup systems. String spacing from centre of e1 string to centre of E6 string NTX includes NTX700, NTX900, NTX1200 NCX includes NCX700, NCX900, NCX1200. This is the reason why many professional guitarists invest a lot in buying the right guitar for the right job. ( Log Out /  It made no difference in the plugged-in sound though. These type of pickups have been offered in Yamaha steel string acoustics for a little while now. String spacing is a personal matter. For example 3|2|4 is 3rd fret, 2nd string, using the 4th finger (i.e. Top Material- Solid Spruce. Our pros are available 7 days a week and are always happy to help! Now keep in mind, I am not a professional player, so feedback is not a major concern for me. Yamaha is trying to change the situation with the NTX700 electro acoustic guitar. On the inside of the guitar, under the bridge, and on the inside of the soundboard, is a very thin piece of wood that spans the width of the lower bout. The battery is rated to last about 70 hours. The NTX700 will be quieter and have less delicacy in regards to body resonance. I did adapt to the narrower neck over a period of a month or so. Change ), You are commenting using your Google account. The NTX700 sounds wonderful through the Fishman Loudbox 100. If you are looking for appropriate nylon that you can use for both relaxation in your house as well as live performances. It is good they provided the sound hole cover because the NTX700 has an elliptical, oversized sound hole. Yamaha’s ground-breaking Silent guitar is part of an extensive suite of instruments that eschew the idea of, y’know, having a body per se, and instead use a wooden frame with a solid-wood central core. I am measuring the distance between the 1st and 6th strings, center to center. “APX500III” -or APX500 3- is a handful, and it’s not catchy at all. Add to Cart. Switch back and forth between these two chords. The difference between the 700, 900, and 1200 involves wood choices. It looks like the treble pickup is under the three treble strings, and the bass pickup is located under the three bass strings. Cordoba C7 (Acoustic) or Cordoba C5 (Acoustic) Yamaha C40 (Acoustic) The Best Nylon-Stringed Classical Guitars for Experienced Guitarists . It is shorter on the NTX700. It also makes it easier to see the frets because you can hold the fretboard closer to your body. This makes it a perfect choice not only for experts but also for beginner guitarists. I don’t know what to call this piece of wood. Now I do not see going back to a traditional wide classical neck. If you play the NTX700 unplugged right after a full body classical, you will be disappointed. I ended up buying the “Gator GC-APX Deluxe ABS Acoustic-Electric Guitar Case for Yamaha APX models”. The NTX700 body joins at the 14th fret. The tone is too bright because your hand is much closer to the bridge. A 14th fret body joint changes the distance between the bridge and sound hole. Overall Yamaha NTX700 is a good nylon string guitar with easy playability and natural sound. The NTX700 has a 650mm scale length. On top of all the above advantages, Yamaha NTX700 is preferred by many as it is pocket-friendly. There are four NTX models: NTX700, NTX700BL, NTX900FM, and NTX1200R. How much does a classical guitar cost? Yamaha NTX700 Acoustic-Electric Guitar Nylon String Guitar W Yamaha Foam Case. Yamaha is known to be the best and the biggest manufacturer of instruments around the globe. You can easily read the tuner in the dark. The two pickups are pretty close to each other, and separated by the middle fan brace. It sounds less muddy. In my opinion, you should be using your NTX700 plugged in most of the time to get the full benefit of this wonderful guitar. Perfect crossover guitar for someone who wants to incorporate nylon-string sounds into their palette. 2-way pickup, cutaway and Nato back and sides. Excellent review! Do an arpeggio that involves the bottom 5 strings. Neck is slightly narrower than standard classical width; neck joins body at the 14th fret for easy access to high positions. Yamaha SLG200N and Yamaha SLG200NW £ 589.00 – £ 656.50 incl. Most steel strings have a nut width around 42mm, so 48mm is about in the middle of a classical and steel string. The latter can be a problem with narrow string spacing because the finger fretting a string can accidentally dampen the neighboring resonating open string. I was curious about the pickup design and placement. Perhaps Yamaha's NTX700C will help to change the situation…. When I picked up the NTX700, I immediately noticed the narrower string spacing. It makes for better balance and positioning when using a strap. Comparing between the K&K and Yamaha’s NTX700 pickups, I would say the Yamaha sounds better. Not my idea of good marketing - but I regress. Undersaddle transducer is a small wire like piezo sensor that installs under the saddle between the saddle and bridge. The bridge is also where you tie the strings to. Yamaha NX series nylon-string acoustic-electric guitars were designed to appeal to both nylon-string players in search of superior amplified sound and electric and steel-string players seeking to explore nylon-string tones and textures. The neck is thinner measured from … In comparison to my Intellitouch tuner, the tuner on the NTX700 is just as accurate. I like this spacing because it prevents the 1st string from slipping off the fretboard in certain situations. Also, the NTX700 comes with two accessories. As a comparison, I measured string spacing at the nut and bridge on the NTX700 and then on my traditional classical guitar. This can kill harmonies needed in solo arrangements. Want it for finger picking and strumming country-ish and church group stuff for that friendly nylon sound. Before the NTX700, I have had one classical with an undersaddle pickup, and one with a soundboard transducer. Classical guitars first became popular in jazz, country, and pop, mostly. So it goes strings, saddle, bridge, soundboard, bridge plate, and then pickups. My notation is as follows: fret number|string number|finger number. I once went back to a wide neck and after only a day of playing, I developed pain in my left hand. As I stated earlier, factory set string spacing on the NTX700 is on the narrow side for a 48mm nut. In the land of acoustic guitar pickups, the pickups on the NTX700 classify as soundboard transducer pickups. The point of this exercise is to see how often you dampen the 4th string on the first chord and how often you have a stretch error with the second chord. The wide classical neck is not for me. The pickups are coupled with a preamp. If you plan on using your NTX700 primarily unplugged, then you are buying the wrong guitar. The fan bracing then attaches to the soundboard and bridge plate. Thank you for your time in writing this. When the strings were off, I took a small mirror to look at the pickup installation. Neck is slightly narrower than standard classical width; neck joins body at the 14th fret for easy access to high positions. The Best Classical (Nylon String) Guitars for Beginners . If you're a classical player, you already know what we mean. Traditional classical guitars have a flat fretboard. When you plug in the NTX700, it automatically turns on the preamp and will use power from the 9 volt onboard power supply. This also could present case issues. Yamaha NTX700 Electric Acoustic Nylon String Guitar Review. However, when it comes to Yamaha NTX700 Acoustic-Electric Classical guitar, you get all this in a single package. Learn more about acoustic guitars by clicking Learn More, Last update on 2020-11-30 / Affiliate links / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API, How To Record Acoustic Guitar ( Check This 5 Tips). Quality and fair prices are two things that are rarely combined in a single product. VAT La Bella 7 String Classical Guitar Strings 7SG £ 12.79 £ 11.79 incl. The Yamaha NTX700 has a thinner body and a narrower neck than a standard classical guitar, making it an excellent choice for steel-string or electric players who want to try out a nylon-string that feels more familiar. Natural finish. The NTX700 has excellent pickups. It has a … The success of any guitarist is not only in their skills but also in the type of guitar they choose. Built by master craftsmen with the best woods available, you can be assured that this Yamaha nylon-string is every bit the purebred classical guitar it takes after. It has several benefits. The NTX700 has slightly narrower string spacing for a 48mm wide nut. When I play acoustically, I put more force to the string on loud notes. There is a low battery indicator. If I am straining to do a stretch with a big grimace on my face, I am not experiencing pleasure. When a string is plucked close to the bridge, it sounds thin. How is that important? A wire is attached to a copper plate on the outer most layer of the pickup. String Length 650mm (25 9/16") Preamp System61 2way A.R.T. The NTX700 has a narrower and thinner neck. One for the treble string, and one for the bass strings. Sometimes they asked me for advice and every time I was asked I told them what I know to help them. Yamaha exclusive under-saddle pickup provides solid and cut-through plugged-in sound in a band. More from Yamaha . About the Yamaha NTX700 View the manual for the Yamaha NTX700 here, for free. The fit and finish of this guitar are more than what you could have asked for. Sorry, but it is not very musical. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Many good quality guitars are pocket-friendly. The NX series has a specially tuned version of the A.R.T (Acoustic Resonance Transducer) pickups optimize for the tone and dynamics of nylon strings. ( Log Out /  Discussions on happiness, technology, society, fingerstyle guitar, computing, and software engineering. Unfortunately I did not have access to a NTX900FM or NTX1200R to compare. Yamaha NTX700 is beautifully crafted and comfortable featuring a stylish, dynamic design. There is considerable spacing above the 6th string and below the 1st string. One of the top crossover nylon … It may only be a few millimeters, but it makes a big difference. However, the strings are also … This may sound like I’m over rationalizing, but having a guitar slightly handicapped acoustically helps with my performance. What they do is to keep improving and coming up with better products that provide better services to their clients. Besides the electronic pickups, what makes a crossover classical guitar is the physical characteristics of the guitar. This nylon string Yamaha is in very good shape! Yamaha exclusive under-saddle pickup provides solid and cut-through plugged-in sound in a band. The NTX700 has a thinner body. Minimal fret wear. Body resonance is richer. On both guitars the strings are closer together than is typical on nylon strings, and particularly so on the NTX versions. Ask Now. With all these things, the narrower and thinner neck, low action, and radius fredboard, after playing the NTX700 for while, and then going back to my traditional classical, I felt like I went from driving an Audi A4 to a 1950 Chevy truck with no power steering and manual transmission! Also, I like that the NTX700 has marking on the 3rd, 5th, 7th, 9th, 12th, 15th, and 17th frets. pinky). Thanks Jeffrey, your information was insightful, and very useful in determining what I can expect to hear. With all that said, personal ideal string spacing is driven by matters such as hand and finger size, and the style of music played. Some may not be able to adapt to the narrow neck of the NTX700. The NTX series is a range of acoustic-electric guitars with thinner bodies that use nylon strings. After market covers would not work. NCX inherits many of the physical attributes of a traditional classical guitar with the exception of a cutaway and lower string height. Latin settings (like Brazilian’s Bossa Nova) also needed these kinds of instruments to create their World Cup-ready music. With this exercise, I actually have less errors on the NTX700 neck than with a wide classical neck. The truss rod also allows for lower action since the neck can be slightly curved to accommodate the sweep of the string vibration. I actually like this. VAT VAT D'Addario EJ51 Pro-Arte Clear Nylon / Polished Basses Classical Guitar Strings £ 25.60 – £ 31.99 incl. This is not a title they received by mistake. ( Log Out /  NTX500 is a modern designed electric nylon strings guitar with a thin body depth and a slim-profile neck for easy playability which is perfect for playing Latin, Jazz, Pop or Rock music. NX Series nylon-string acoustic-electric guitars were designed to appeal to both nylon-string players in search of superior amplified sound and electric and steel-string players seeking to explore nylon-string tones and textures. Yamaha's team of luthiers delved deep into the science and art of bracing design when developing the NTX1. Guitar Center's Product Spotlight provides a comprehensive overview of the Yamaha NTX700 Acoustic-Electric Classical Guitar. They earned it through the quality of the musical instruments they produce. I have since had the factory plastic saddle replaced with a bone one. I don’t see going back to a flat fretboard. Does anyone have a recommendation for strings for my new NTX700? To explain the placement of the pickups, first I’ll explain some terminology. Passages that were once hard, are now much easier and I am less likely to mess up. I assume this piece of wood is for reinforcement for the tension the bridge is supporting. When recording through the pickups, noise is not a problem. The bar chords are much easier, and the thin neck makes it less tiresome to play and handle. Magnetic will not work on nylon strings. Change ). The thinner body acoustically will not have the same volume. Of these two, the one with the soundboard transducer sounded much more natural. Updates to that review are made here. Traditional classicals generally skimp on putting these little white dots. NTX700: Guitar Dimensions and Specifications. Special features of Yamaha NTX 700 Acoustic, Electric, Classical Guitars, How To Restring An Acoustic Guitar? This is main reason I built this website. When plucked close to the sound hole, it is rounder and darker. It may predate the steel-string acoustic by many a year, but the gut-string classical has dropped off the radar of most pop and rock musicians. The NTX700 sings plugged in though. Classical guitars are about the only type of guitar that still has a flat fretboard. Many have more than one to ensure that they choose the right tool for their tasks. I have concluded it is more expressive because of the 14th fret body joint. NX Series nylon-string acoustic-electric guitars were designed to appeal to both nylon-string players in search of superior amplified sound and electric and steel-string players seeking to explore nylon-string tones and textures. The tuner is great. Great sounding Yamaha NTX700 guitar is highly praised for its excellent sound, especially when connected to the right source. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: You are commenting using your account. The NTX700 pickups sound natural, have very good bass response, and their response is even across all six strings. If you make the right choice, you will be assured that you will get perfect results. The preamp is reasonably low noise. The NTX700’s action is lower than my traditional classical, but a bit higher than my flamenco. All you do is push a release and a compartment holding the battery pops out. The traditional classical now feels huge! If not, get ready for an ear-opening experience. This amp cost more than the guitar, but it is responsible for a good part of what you hear so it makes sense to allocate a good part of your budget here. I'm not heavy handed. To make things easier and life cheaper for their clients, they have also produced a wide range of instruments to serve their clients in different ways. The thinner body is cool. In the Summer of 2009, Yamaha introduced their NX series of electric acoustic nylon string guitars. The NTX700 has curved frets, or has what is called a radius fretboard. The nut width is 48mm compared to 52mm for a traditional classical guitar. It works very well when strings are played with classical nylon, basically in a classical manner, whether amplified or not. Yamaha APXT2 3/4-Size Acoustic-Electric Guitar - Black . What I saw was two fairly large circular pickups. The Yamaha NTX models (NTX1, NTX3 and NTX5) were designed to make it easy for electric and steel-string acoustic guitar players to add the warmth and beauty of nylon-string sounds to their tonal palettes. I'm basically a steel string Martin guy. After getting a bone saddle on the NTX700, I am quite satisfied with the acoustic sound of the NTX700, even though the plugged-in sound, not the acoustic sound, is why I bought the instrument. A Beautiful guitar, at an attractive price. NTX500 is a modern designed electric nylon strings guitar with a thin body depth and a slim-profile neck for easy playability which is perfect for playing Latin, Jazz, Pop or Rock music. On top of that, it's fairly safe to say that Yamaha NTX700 is a more popular guitar, based on its reviews. Yamaha - NTX700 Made in China. I can’t comment on live performance with a band. Optimized bracing system. Change ), You are commenting using your Facebook account. With a traditional classical guitar, I would put my hand just behind the sound hole for the neutral position. My name is Chase. Yamaha, as a company has been producing musical instruments for many years now. Whether you need a musical instrument for church use or for playing in events or on stage, comfort and crafting tops the list. One of these guitars is Yamaha NTX700 Acoustic-Electric Classical Guitar. I love the radius fretboard of the NTX700. As I mentioned earlier, the difference is in wood choice. If you’re looking for a high-end classical … Yamaha has been a household name in the music industry for very many years that it has now become very common to both young and old.