Our production industrial spray booths offer wide entry doors for large products that require wide entry doors and/or crane or hoist slots for easy access. Ecommerce Shopping Cart Software by Miva, Inc. We custom built and manufacture industrial spray booths to meet NFPA 33, 70, 101, NEC 516 and OSHA Guidelines. If you’re in the market for an open-face spray booth for sale, Finishing Systems has your answer. You can rest assured that your new equipment will be operational in no time. Our industrial booths and systems are built with quality components and configured to fit your finishing applications so that they can deliver consistent results. Whether you're painting industrial trucks and equipment, boats, rail, or aircraft, the flexibility of Nova Verta's Maxi-Range Industrial Paint Booth lets you create a large-scale painting system tailored to your specific needs. The new industrial spray booths or Extra paint drying booths for passenger cars is the latest development from Blowtherm aimed at the most demanding spray booth operator. The main objective of the industrial paint booth is to isolate the surface to be painted to avoid contamination both inside and outside the same booth. 18' wide x 18' high 60' long. Standard Tools and Equipment Co. was established in 1979 to service the auto body and collision repair industry. Our factory trained installation crew can get your new Industrial Paint Booth installed correctly and quickly. The Industrial Finishing Open Face Spray Paint Booths are considered by many finishing professionals to be the most versatile booth type of them all, due in no small part to it’s “open” configuration. Example Industrial Paint Booth Drawings – click image to enlarge drawings. We will work with you to provide a booth that is integrated in to your overall workflow. We will help you design and specify the best equipment for your application. MAXFLO-FB Portable Fume/Paint Filtration Systems 3 Styles MAXFLO-FB Portable Fume/Paint Downdraft Booth. WHY OUR Commercial SPRAY BOOTHS . Heated, Drive through . This our specialty! Demanding projects call for demanding equipment. NFPA 33 Paint Booths | ETL-Listed Paint Booths. Paint booth accessories, exhaust fans, filters, lifts, compressors and power tools are just a few of the products you'll find at Auto Body Toolmart. Industrial Spray Booths Contact Us Today. quality industrial paint booths Accudraft’s MX series paint booths provide the most options and flexibility when deciding what fits your shop best. CUSTOM BUILT AND MANUFACTURED INDUSTRIAL SPRAY BOOTHS. This our specialty! We help companies in Ohio, West Virginia, Pennsylvania and nationwide with their airless paint sprayer, paint booth, spray guns, powder coating and sandblast equipment needs. We specialize in providing high-quality, reliable open-face paint spray booths at reasonable. Paint Booths. Manufacturing paint booths since 1997, we provide paint booths to automotive body shops, automobile repair and restoration shops, institutional (government, education) and industrial markets. We can customize any of our industrial spray booth lines with doors, conveyor slots, pass thru design or HEPA filtration. A paint booth is an open or closed enclosure in which we paint our product. With a high airflow and fast curing, it's the ideal choice for collision repair shops that need a booth that offers both low cycle time and a … Booths are usually configured in one of two ways to provide adequate ventilation. All our booths comply with all applicable OSHA and NFPA regulations. Semi-Down Draft. Industrial Spray Booths Home Industries Industrial Spray Booths. Our wide variety of paint booth designs will fit most any application and budget. MAXFLO-FB portable fume/paint booth is a self-contained source collection system for removing paint fumes and spray from the worker breathing zone; it can simply be rolled to a job, plugged in, and turned on for immediate service.Our Portable Paint Booth features a … The most affordable open front spray booths can cost as little as $2000. Manufacturing paint booths since 1997, we provide paint booths to automotive body shops, automobile repair and restoration shops, institutional (government, education) and industrial markets. We started as a manufacturer of automotive paint booth systems, but expanded our product line to Aerospace, Truck, Industrial, and Table Top paint booths. If you need a large booth, a small booth, or anything in between, expect a rugged, heavy duty product, built with quality components right here in the USA. Alamo, TN . Our most popular industrial spray booths, GFS’ Open Face Paint Booths are flexible, cost-effective solutions for a wide variety of finishing applications. Installed at O'NealTrailer Manf LLC. Each industrial paint spray booth is available in a wide variety of sizes and configurations to meet your custom applications. Visit Pittsburgh Spray Equipment to get the portable booth at the cheap price. They are available in Open Front Booths, Open Front Bench Booths, Enclosed Industrial Booths and Industrial Exhaust Chambers styles. Manufacturing paint booths since 1997, we provide paint booths to automotive body shops, automobile repair and restoration shops, institutional (government, education) and industrial markets. One of the first online sellers of paint booths, we are recognized by Google Inc. (1,000,000 Leads Generated), and Internet Retailer (America's Top 500 Largest Retail Web Sites), we have a history as a successful online retailer. Big Industrial/Truck Paint Booth . You can rest assured that your new equipment will be operational in no time. Looking to buy a high-quality paint booth for truck & industrial finishing? Just ask a product specialist today at 800-637-4027. Each industrial paint booth application is usually a unique application. ETL-Listed Industrial Paint Wall with Filter Plenum, ETL-Listed Mid-Size Semi Downdraft Paint Booth, ETL-Listed Semi Downdraft Paint Booth with Heated Air Makeup Unit, Bench Paint Booth BSB 1000-38 with Fire Suppression System, Bench Paint Booth BSB 1000-58 with Fire Suppression System, Mid-Size Finishing Paint Booth with Fire Suppression System, ETL-Listed Industrial Paint Wall 7' 4" Working Depth, ETL-Listed Industrial Spray Wall 11' Working Depth, ETL-Listed Industrial Paint Wall 3' 8" Working Depth, ETL-Listed Mid-Size Cross Flow Paint Booth, Sign up to our newsletter & Receive Savings In Your Inbox. Semi-Trailer Spray Booths . While the quality of a spray job relies mostly on the skill of the painter, the quality and performance of the spray booth also play an important role. With over 40 years of experience under our belts, we’ve learned that the perfect custom paint booth is more than just a piece of industrial equipment. All of our paint booths comply with all OSHA and NFPA 33 guidelines and many can be ETL certified. At Autek Paint Booths, we pride ourselves on manufacturing the highest quality automotive, truck and industrial spray booths on the market. Versatility, productivity, efficiency and performance are some of the keys required to achieve a quality finish. Paint booth exhaust kits include exhaust ducts and automatic roof ventilators that help with the installation of ventilation in paint booths. As an Industrial paint booth manufacturer, Marathon engineers an Open Face Spray Paint Booth specifically designed to exceed your expectations! JMC Automotive Equipment offers a selection of industrial paint booths for sale. Standard Tools and Equipment Co. offers a diverse range of products for all imaginable finishing operations. You can find a Global Finishing Solutions open-front paint booth for as little as $2,029. Paint Booth Supply is your one stop shop for all your spray booth needs. Large Equipment Paint Booths are designed for long-lasting performance and constructed of heavy-duty materials for unrivaled structural integrity. Every industrial paint booth we build at Spray-Tech/Junair utilizes the high-efficiency and unmatched fit and finish found in our full size paint booths. Industrial Paint Booths. Custom Spray Booths . We offer a complete line of automotive and industrial booths, prep stations and paint mix rooms including parts and filters for … While quality spray booths are a customer favorite, we offer so many more products to stock your shop. Industrial Spray Booth With a unique modular design, the TECHExpert's Industrial Spray booths are the most sough-after in the market. This basic design is also well regarded for it’s ease of operation and maintenance. Our technology-driven intelligent spray booths improve efficiency of production lines and reduce operational costs. Industrial product manufacturers face a number of spray environment challenges that are specific to their industry. LLC. The MX series pain booth systems are available in semi downdraft, side drat, and downdraft configurations. We have built paint booths of the following types: down draft paint spray booth, side draft paint booth, spray booth oven combo "Spoven", robot paint booths, manual paint booths, wet scrubbers, dry scrubbers, and more. Paint Booths and Industrial Spray Booths - Engineered for the Most Demanding Applications Welcome to AEI Paint Booths. We offer the following industrial paint booth models: Open Face Booths: for prepping, sanding, and light painting in a semi-enclosed workspace. Our industrial booths are capable of wood, truck and large equipment finishing as well as powder or liquid coating. It’s an integral part of a manufacturer’s mission to make the best possible products with max efficiency. Italia downdraft paint booth: This has been Accudraft's flagship model for over 40 years and it continues to set the standard for automotive spray booths. Bringing over 40 years of excellence and experience to the industry, this large PAINT BOOTH … The NFPA 33 standard addresses fire prevention in spray booths while NFPA 70 covers ignition sources such as electrical switches. We always strive to outfit our customers with the right products and knowledge to achieve the best possible finishing and productivity for their shop. Copyright © 2020 Standard Tools and Equipment Co.. | Ecommerce Shopping Cart Software by Miva, Inc. Buy direct from America's leading manufacturer of quality industrial paint booths for all industrial coating and spray applications. Mode View Edit Preview call: 855.GO.EXTRA (855.463.9872) email: sales@blowtherm-usa.com View the benifits of our optional Paint Booth Powder Coating. They are available in many different sizes and configurations, from standard pre-fab units to custom units. TKS offers design/build services for custom paint spray booths for many industrial manufacturing industries. Automatic Spray Booths. These booth styles are the most popular in the finishing industry. As a leading paint booth company, we will design and manufacture a spray booth to fit your exact needs. The open-front design saves valuable floor space and makes it easy to move products and parts in and out of the booth. Airflow in paint spray booths. Shop online today or call us up for more information. Turn-key Paint Booth. On the other hand, a very large, highly customized spray paint booth with complex filtration systems can cost as much as $100,000. for O'Neal Trailer Manf. Slim Light LED Series Paint Booth Light Fixtures. If you are painting cars, trucks and industrial equipment, a paint booth is essential for a professional finish. Over 25 years of experience in designing and building high quality spray booth products for a wide range of industries. And last, the EPA also has strict regulations regarding spray booth ventilation. prices. Paint booth liners are disposable papers designed to protect the floors and ceilings of spray booths from paint overspray. Paint filter pad accessories hold paint … Typically, however, the average booth of mid-range size and options is … Enclosed Paint Booths: for extensive spraying and painting of industrial equipment in a safe and contaminant-free environment. We offer a wide range of spray booth that come under industrial spray booth like Dry Filter paint booth, Water Was spray booth , Down draft spray booth. Paint booths are multi-purpose work areas that collect airborne residue and filter air during the coating process. When you choose us to cater to your finishing requirements, stay assured you will get systems with superior performance and … Our factory trained installation crew can get your new Industrial Paint Booth installed correctly and quickly. From spray coating golf balls to painting wood furniture, an industrial spray booth must address the unique production needs of a manufacturer’s individual finishing processes. As the industry’s most comprehensive paint booth line, you can count on Large Equipment Paint Booths to deliver a superior quality finish in the most efficient manner. Industrial Spray Booths - customized to your requirements >> Leading the development of the Finishing Industry. Standard Tools and Equipment Co. was established in 1979 to service the auto body and collision repair industry. Standard Tools and Equipment Co. was established in 1979 to service the auto body and collision repair industry. Industrial applications often move work through their facilty with some type of material handling systems. The RollSeal Door's triple layer fabric and air-tight seal prevent overspray from escaping the paint booth and keeps contaminants out of your paint jobs and its "floating" seal design allows the door to maintain a complete, continuous seal under high variations in static pressure. If your planning on opening an auto body shop, an industrial coating facility, a fabrication shop, or even a hobbyist shop you will want to consider the cost of your paint booth as you plan your building.