In task manager, only 3.2GB is availible. 32 bit will only use 3.5gb of memory at best regardless of how much you have installed.To find out what version you have press the windows key ,between CTRL and ALT ,at the same time as the pause break key. Hi, Did a clean install of Windows 10 in 64 Bit and now on my properties it only says 4GB of Ram are usable instead of the full 8GB. I have recently upgraded to 8GB of RAM, however although 8GB is detected apparently only 3.5 GB is usable. (Pic Attached) I had never seen this before and I did have Win10 installed after upgrading from 8. Win 7 ALL How-tos Win 10 Win 8 Win 7 Win XP Win Vista Win 95/98 Win NT Win Me Win 2000 Win 2012 Win 2008 Win 2003 Win 3.1 E-Home Office PC Games Con Games Drivers Linux Websites E-Photo Hardware Security Coding PDAs Networks iPhone Android Database CPUs Solaris Novell OpenVMS … I have a similar problem on a system I recently upgraded from Windows XP 32 bit to Windows 7 Pro 64 bit. Windows 7 and Maximum Memory It was written that with windows xp 32 bit the top 700 mb or ram or so was not usable. *After upgrading to Windows 7 64bit I seen this: 4gb installed / 3gb usable RAM issue. 64-bit operating systems can use much more. After installing Windows 7 (64-bit) and while looking at the System Properties, I realized that the system while properly recognizes the installed memory of 8 GB, says that only the 3,25 GB are usable. If you want your computer to recognize all 6 GB of RAM, then you need to upgrade to the 64 bit version. I have Windows 7 Ultimate installed on my computer and it says only 3.25 GB of Memory is usable. I used the MS free upgrade to W10 Pro 32 bit. 1. Windows 7 32-bit works the same as XP 32-bit with respect to RAM recognition. We won’t go into details on what are the differences between x86 and x64 are, but one of the major differences is a 64-bit Windows can support more than 4GB of RAM. i have installed 4 gb RAM in DESKTOP-PC. However, if your Windows 7 64-bit PC is having trouble recognizing all of the RAM in your computer, there is a quick fix that may work. I have a laptop with 4GB of ram. ... for this system and other Optiplex/Dimension systems etc. I also have a laptop with windows 7 ultimate on it and it says around 3.93 GB usable. No difference. Then I noticed instead of 3.7 GB of usable ram, I only have 2.3 GB usable ram. So this leads me to this issue. I'm not sure why my windows 7 32 bit only uses 1gb of my installed 3.5gb? I know about the whole 32-bit issue where some say you can't use much more than 3GB. If you are having a 4GB of RAM, the rest 1GB will definitely get wasted. Having read around I have found articles which indicate W7 32 bit is limited to 4GB. It sees the 4GB RAM I have installed, but says only 2.99 usable with the rest hardware reserved just like your screen shot. If your computer has 4GB of RAM and you’re using a 32-bit Windows, you’ll notice that only about 3GB – 3.5GB is being recognized and the remaining memory is gone. I have updated bios etc to latest. But, it is showing only 3.98GB usable for my computer. Solved Windows 10 32-Bit 8GB Installed RAM. The 32 bit version of windows 7 only recognizes up to 4 GB of RAM. Windows 7 Ultimate x64 - Installed memory 4GB (3GB usable) location: - date: November 5, 2009 I have installed Windows 7 Ultimate x64. A 32 bit OS can only use 4GB of memory total. PCI-E shared ram chipsets Do not allow recovery of Shared ram EVER. Is this because of it being 32-Bit? There is no way to utilize it in a 32 bit OS. Access to more than 4GB of RAM on 32bit Windows 8. This is where you see that windows 32 bit still only recognizes only around 3. something gigs.... still. It's because you might be using 32 Bit OS, you must get 64 Bit OS to get the full power of ram.32 Bit OS can take only upto 3gb ram.Upgrading your OS to 64 bit will make your all 8gb … It came with Windows 8 but has been upgraded to Windows 10, however the 8GB RAM is not usable. This is wrong and Microsoftis even evidence itself. Windows 7 Ultimate 64-Bit says 3.25 GB usable Ram when 4GB are installed. (I have no idea how long ago this was, but it was on the same OS) I am using Windows 7 Professional 32-bit. I have 6 GB installed, it sees the 6 but says that only 2.99 is usable. A 32 bit system cannot utilize more than 3GB of RAM whether you have 3GB or 4GB installed. Yes, this is … | 3.68MB -=FS=- In the Internet often haunts thestatement a 32-bit operating system can technically only managed a maximum of 4 GB of RAM. Instead, Windows reports 4GB installed, 2.3GB usable. I have an Acer Aspire 5733z-4851 running windows 7 Home Premium 64bit. What should i do. Windows 7 64bit shows 3.73GB usable memory with 8GB installed I have two sticks of 4gb PNY RAM (8gb total) installed in an Asrock A75M motherboard, which supports 16GB of RAM. ... 4GIGS is the Limit for 32 bit Windows. A 64-bit OS will see and address your 4GB or more of RAM. its showing 2GB usable. I know 32 bit system doesn't support more than 4GB of RAM. I recently added a 2GB memory stick to a TravelMate 5740 laptop running Windows 7 32-bit which already had 2GB of RAM. 2. The rest of the RAM is showed as 'Reserved', however it is detecting all 8GB. I read something about memory remapping but i don't find this feature in my BIOS. I installed Windows 10 32-Bit (only version I had on hand). Use 64 OS with more than 4 gb RAM. Today i have installed 2x 4GB of ram in to my latitude e6520. I have Microsoft Windows 7 (build 7600), 32-bit.. In your case, it only recognizes 3.25 GB of RAM. Turn on Physical Address Extension mode and unleash the full potential of your 32-bit RAM memory. I have a DELL Optiplex 7010 which was bought with W7 32 bit OS. I have windows 7 installed. then look in system type to see what version of windows you have. ... 32-bit Windows is used instead of 64-bit ... sometimes bringing usable memory down below 3GB. I am running 64 bit windows 7 NOT 32 bit I wouldn't be able to run Adobe After Effects® CS5.5 and Adobe Premiere® Pro CS5.5 elsewise. i messed with msconfig settings and put the max to the highest possible im lost, i just want the most out of my RAM 4GIGS is the Limit for 32 bit Windows. It will see 4GB, but only address 3.XGB. 5 Cara Mudah Mengatasi RAM Usable Windows 10 64 bit – Masalah ini biasanya terjadi ketika pengguna komputer selesai menginstal RAM, dan ketika mereka memeriksa memori alih-alih mendapatkan kinerja yang diinginkan tetapi sebaliknya RAM yang baru diinstal tidak sepenuhnya dapat dibaca.