I use spelt and organic, sprouted Kamut wheat flour. I developed severe scalding from the staff, do you think this will help more than regular vinegar with healing and hopefully minimizing the scarring? Consider me very pleased at the results so far, especially when you remember I’m not using my holy grail acne products this week. Hi Sofia! Gonna try your workouts too As an Esthetician, I don’t know why I hadn’t thought of ACV as a natural toner! . Thank you! It does not reduce acne scarring or spots. I love your website, and have visited many times. I have a severely depleted imune system and a bit due to Graves disease and rejection of a titanium plate put in my back last year. I had no idea they had bottles at Costco! The ACV was pretty good for my skin. Hi Grave! =) we are also using the Bragg’s raw, unfiltered ACV with “the mother” in it and i think i am definitely gonna try this toner tonight. I loved it! Hopefully the new antibiotic will kill the staff and I will never use raw cocoa butter on my face again. I think im gonna try the ratio for the sensitive skin, so is it okay if i just only put filtered water and acv on a small container? Please let me know if i m doing anything wrong or ACV toner will fix my skin problem ? It really good. Is this just for acne? , Wonderful article! Thank you for letting me know your experience! My bathroom is like a pantry. And may I ask the sensitive skin that you mentioned above is where? Hope that helps! This is great. I highly recommend using the oil cleansing method for cleaning your face. Then, I made lemon toner, & apply VCO to moisturise my skin. Personally, I have NEVER heard of a chemical burn from apple cider vinegar. Our skin is our largest detoxification organ, so acne is closely correlated with issues in the gut. So glad to know you had a good experience! Usually, I don’t suffer from acne, except the once a month loner here and there on my face, however, since I’ve been using AVC toner my skin has gotten brighter, even toned, and glowing. Hi Noelle, The smell should completely dissipate as it dries, though. Hi Noelle ^-^ yes I will give it more time and see how it goes as I’m still experimenting on the ACV toner because I really have no idea what my own skin type is :p and I’m not sure maybe with the different ratio of ACV toner will does any effect on the pore itself (like too strong to the skin). Acne disappeared on my body after six months, and it took about eight months for my face. $13.95 $ 13. Hi Noelle, I just stumbled upon your blog because someone recommended using apple cider vinegar as I get mild acne around that “time of the month” and have a few dark spots as well. Sherri! Hi Kiran! I feel pretty blessed to have skin like mine at this age. I have found that apple cider vinegar also can help relieve, not cure, some skin ailments such as excema and psoriasis, as long as there are no open wounds! You can put this in a travel size spray bottle, but as I lack the resources I just made this mixture in a cup. you rock, chickadee. hey I’ve been using on my under eyes, i did try diluting it with water first but found it annoying as it would make it so watery and would drip down my face. So, if your measurement was a cup, you’d use one cup apple cider vinegar, and four cups water. Thanks for sharing your experiences Nikki! Love the idea of brewing tea–what type of herbal tea do you think would be most beneficial for skin elasticity? Does acv also reduce the acne spots? You may find your skin isn’t as flaky if you cleanse with coconut oil. My acne has gone,but it is still not stable yet as sometimes I still can see some little acne pop out here and there. Apple cider vinegar is so very useful and help in many ways….Thanks a lot for posting the benefits and uses of ACV. Consider me very pleased at the results so far, especially when you remember I’m not using my holy grail acne products this week. ration, any advice for me? Hi Jordyn! Yes! And coming to coconut oil cleansing. I personally use a cotton pad – but a cotton ball works great! A majority of skin reactions are associated with food intolerances and/or environmental allergies. I love it and it’s become essential to my skin care routine. It sounds like you have very sensitive skin. I assume after that, you definitely won’t smell the apple cider vinegar. Does this still works ? I save old Stevia bottles. Thanks Cori! Also, doing 1/3 each would mean you’d have 2/3 astringent and 1/3 water, so – that might be a bit strong. You can aboslutely use this as an all-over body toner, and can put it in a spray bottle to refresh. Hi Aisha! If after a few weeks your skin still tends to feel itchy, I would nix the toner from your routine and simply do a wash + moisturizer. However, the raw apple cider vinegar is only full of beneficial enzymes and bacteria, which are great for skin. I did use an acne patch yesterday, but maybe, just maybe, the ACV is helping clear up the nasty bacteria hanging out on my face. I do know, however, that there is nothing in the scientific literature that states coconut oil “clogs pours or causes blackheads.” In fact, it works for MANY people as a moisturizer and face cleanser. Hi Tamala! I just want to ask, what moisturizer and cleanser are you using when you use ACV toner? Hi Noelle! can you put a moisturizer on top of the acv toner? I let this sit for few weeks, or until it starts to smell really citrus-y (no vinegar smell – yay!). I would follow the ratios as described above. almost to RM1000, It just makes my face worse and full of pimples and scars… I personally don’t recommend it, but if it is working for you then you have that option! My skin is now totally acne free, and people cannot believe that I ever had acne. Thank you Kindly, Amanda x. Hi Amanda! Couple questions, I started this method of face washing after becoming overly frustrated with all of the over the counter exfoliants and cleansers. Not if your skin doesn’t need it. I’ve been using just coconut oil as a cleanser then read about the acidic level and will be making your DIY toner ASAP. Hi Noelle, Thanks Noelle!! Yes—it’s best to use this toner after washing your face with coconut oil. Get my latest recipes in my brand new cookie recipe book—It's totally FREE! Congratulations… after years of this recipe being up, you are the first person to point out this massive confusion! So i stop all the products for 2 weeks and start the DIY toner.. Now my face is be great… Pimples is less and only will pop out few in a week. . Aloe Vera is good for the skin – but, I don’t have any experience with results personally. I want to try rose water instead of filtered water to make this toner smell better and I hear that rose water in itself has plenty of skin benefits. is that one spoon of apple cider vinegar and 4 spoons of water? I recommend using something like a safe SOS spot treatment when breakouts do occur (occasional breakouts can happen because of stress, diet, hormones, etc.). Reactions could be anything: redness, burning, itching, breakouts, etc. Hi Catherine! I like to use it with some witch hazel and it works wonders , hi noelle , it is ok to add lemon to apple cider and water toner? Marilyn La Jeunesse On my face, I use ACV toner with sage tea or water two or three times per day. Just make sure to let the toner completely dry. I think the people who experience a burning sensation are likely doing some sort of other treatment to their skin (chemical peels, microdermabrasion, etc.)