Koi fish and turtle can live together. Your email address will not be published. They are peaceful and not territorial. – Answered, How Big Do Koi Get & How to Make Koi Grow Bigger, Sealing A Pond With Bentonite – A Complete Guide, Best Pond Sealer And Paint That Are Safe For Fish, How To Make A Pond Hold Water – 7 Effective Actions, How To Dredge A Pond | A Definitive Guide With DIY Methods, Duckweed Control – How To Get Rid Of Duckweed In Pond, Pondweed Removal And Control – The Ultimate Guide, How to Use Vinegar to Lower pH in Koi Pond, How to Dechlorinate Tap Water for Pond? Feed them trout feed and both the trout … However, there are some disadvantages of keeping a catfish in a tank with other fish. They aren’t supposed to do that. -Toni. You can usually buy aquarium starter kits at pet food stores if you want help in pulling everything together. But you can’t any of them with koi in a tank. They can reach up to 4 feet although most of them are 40 inches. Try to make a friendship with them by spending some time and feeding them. It is very hardy and suits well for pond and aquarium. You need to de-chlorinate it first. Keep social fish with koi and other fish so that they live happily. If you decide to pair a fish with a turtle, then you need to … Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. So, choose carefully. The only disadvantage is that this fish is costly. Yes, you can keep janitor fish in your tank with small koi fish. 09-11-2004, 10:11 AM. Clown loach 3. They can and many times are kept together. In addition, turtles are a major source for parasites entering the pond. therefore they are good as tank mates for Koi and Goldfish. This is a tricky question because technically yes, they can live together but it may take some work on your part and the risk of losing your precious koi. Koi fish are in the river and you can catch them in every season. Unless your growing 8 pound plus CC which would then prey on your trout, they will live together fine. Hi Sarah. Turtles will quickly learn to associate the dishes with food. Goldfish are most commonly kept with koi fish in the tank. My Koi is losing his/her tank mate. Answered April 14, 2019. This particular issue is not set in stone; you can keep koi in very large fish tanks or keep cichlids in heated ponds. A few years back a prized koi was sold in Japan for nearly $400,000.00. If you envision your koi pond eventually taking on other fish then maybe pairing guppies and koi together may be one thing that you considered. Although catfish are tropical fish, they have the ability to live in a wide range of temperature. Or, at least the selected fish can thrive at the ambient temperature for koi. Molly 2. can they live with zebra danios n tetras? It is recommended to check with your city/state to see if it has native turtles because it may not be legal to introduce a non-native turtle into an outdoor pond. And secondly, you have to maintain the tank temperature above 55 F as they can’t thrive at low temperature. can i put a janitor fish in my tank filled with small kois. Also, try to keep at least 3 in a group as they are social fish. The water requirement is not same for them. You need to de-chlorinate it first. Ensure that the turtle isn’t on a fish diet. Required fields are marked *. Barbs can live up to 6 years in the tank if the water quality and a good diet are ensured. Are they big in size? « Reply #6 on: March 25, 2010, 09:14:55 AM » Koi will eat tadpoles, but if you give the tadpoles enough places to hide they will be fine.