Kaya uses two long daggers that shine with a pale-purple light and can become incorporeal like herself. Kaya used her necro-magic abilities to envelope and transport Rat on their journey. Once the Beacon was active, Bolas brought the Immortal Sun to Ravnica, trapping the planeswalkers there. Oracle Text. She believes all beings deserve fairness, regardless of stature, and took her Gatewatch oath on that belief. Kaya survived the battle and was present during the Planewide Celebration that followed. A New and Exciting Beginning . However, her decision was overruled when Trostani awakened and ruled in favor of helping the Gatewatch. Most of the Orzhov refused to acknowledge her status or respect her authority. Green creatures you control get +1/+1. 提供:MTG Wiki 移動: 案内 , 検索 " Forever Silent The World "(『世界にとこしえの静寂を』)は、 アメコミ版アイスエイジ のvol.4(最終話)である。 After the conflict, Liliana answered Kaya's questions and was allowed to live, although proof of a kill would be needed. このページの最終更新は 2008年8月26日 (火) 23:38 に行われました。 このページは3,253回アクセスされました。 プライバシー・ポリシー MTG Wikiについて 免責事項 Check Kai'Sa's stats: Games Played, Pick Rate, Win Rate, and more. Kaya as Guildmaster releases souls from their contracts with the Orzhov. MTG Salvation 2019 Holiday Exchange! After defeating Exava in a fight, Hekara used her newfound authority as a blood witch to lead the Rakdos against Bolas. During the invasion, the trapped planeswalkers got together with Ravnican leaders to strategize. Seeking to atone for her past mistakes, she joined the Gatewatch. Once all ten guilds were on board, Nissa performed a ritual at the ruins of the Guildpact Chamber: with the help of a representative from each guild, she was able to repair the leylines that empowered the Living Guildpact (which had been disrupted when Bolas destroyed the Guildpact Chamber by opening his portal there). これが作られたアライアンスでは、緑にもKaysaという緑全体強化クリーチャーがいたが、そちらは伝説のクリーチャー。このJuniper Order Advocateは複数枚並べることもできるので、その面でも有利。 Kaysa speaks as the Elder Druid, but Yavimaya recognizes only one voice: its own. 10/1/2008 Kaysa’s ability affects itself. Before returning to Ravnica, Kaya and her entourage promised to meet Liliana in Paliano on Fiora. Home; Cards; Creature; Kaysa; Avg Price $3.30 ($0.01) Buy on TCGPlayer Low $0.75 Avg $3.30 ($0.01) High $97.57 Kaysa. La lista venne istituita il 4 marzo del 1996 e venne rivista prima nel 2002 e poi nel 2010. Kaya has formed a bond with the youngsters Teyo Verada and Araithia Shokta, who both have become her travel companions along with the mysterious Ana Iora. Kajsa Anka (Daisy Duck) är en av Disneys seriefigurer. [3] As an exception to the rule that planeswalkers can't bring organic materials across the Blind Eternities, Kaya is able to safely transport one creature or person, by ghosting into her spirit form and simultaneously extending her necro-magic to include her passenger, much like she does with her clothes or daggers. A New and Exciting Beginning The End of an Era Home Decks Commander Kaysa's Beast Tribal Kaysa's Beast Tribal By Kent … Kaya and Teysa attended the guild summit on behalf of the Orzhov, and witnessed its dissolution after the murder of Isperia. Rare Board Games, mtg, Magic: the Gathering, Yu-Gi-Oh, rpg, Role Playing Games, Dungeons and Dragons, and many more games and supplies for sale. Indossava una benda su un occhio, che nascondeva una lente in grado di amplificare il mana rosso che utilizzava. With Tomik now the acting guildmaster, Kaya was free to planeswalk away for short periods, and so Kaya and her entourage along with Jaya Ballard set out on their quest. For us, however, the Magic game is first and foremost a … [1] However, Tomik Vrona discovered a legal loophole that allowed Kaya to temporarily transfer her Orzhov contracts and guild responsibilities to him. 観覧いただき有難うございます。mtgトレード用です。 ・発送はクロネコメール便にてお願いします。 ・初回トレードの方には先送りをお願いする事があります。ご了承下さい。 ・住所交換後のキャンセルはご遠慮願います。 Despite Teysa warning against it, Kaya freed many people from the debts they owed the guild, particularly the bound ghosts. He was also the tutor of the orphaned Kaysa, until she took on the mantle of the Elder Druid. このページの最終更新は 2020年6月6日 (土) 23:38 に行われました。 このページは53,977回アクセスされました。 プライバシー・ポリシー MTG Wikiについて 免責事項 Toutes les cartes de Magic : l'assemblee, vente, echange, forums, decks, combos They discovered that an imposter Liliana Vess controlled the estate by wearing a choker with a blue sapphire amulet that contained a large and very powerful djinn. When she found them, she killed the Ghost Council easily, but while doing it she suddenly felt all the Orzhov contracts physically weighing her down. Kaya would leave Adriana otherwise unscathed, departing from the dining hall with remarks of Brago's tyranny.[11]. They decided to spare the planeswalkers who formerly worked with Bolas but defected before the battle, on the condition that they make amends by hunting down the planeswalkers who stayed loyal to Bolas or defected too late. [7] She once had a relationship with someone called Janah. Zahid was forced to leave empty-handed. After several swings of Adriana's sword passed through Kaya's unharmed body, the ghost assassin retaliated with an elbow to the jaw. [9] When she met with Nicol Bolas, he had promised her he would heal the sky in return for her assistance in killing the Obzedat on Ravnica. [22] Using a device that Niv-Mizzet had constructed before his death to preserve his consciousness, they were able to resurrect Niv and grant the power of the Living Guildpact to him. A New and Exciting Beginning The End of an Era Home Cards Creature Kaysa Kaysa Oracle Text Green creatures you control get +1/+1. [20] With the help of a Gateless street urchin named Araithia Shokta (nicknamed Rat), Kaya and Ral helped explain the situation to Teyo. This page was last edited on 18 November 2020, at 22:13. Card Rulings. "The Crucible of the Orcs" (before 2949) and … [1. また「Kaysa」のように日本語版がないものも除外した。 カードを見た時に「カタカナである」ことが重要なのだ。 カジュアルデッキ同志である「ライチュウ好きなネズミの人」がざっと一覧を作ってくれた。助かる。 [8], The blue sky of Kaya's homeplane is shot through with scintillating cracks, like a zig-zagging rainbow, and the world goes a little madder every year. Kaya has a family name, but for some undisclosed reason, she can't use it.1 Kaya is a dark-skinned, young woman with dark, frizzy hair.2 At the time of the War of the Spark, she is close to thirty years old.1 … Kaya has a family name, but for some undisclosed reason, she can't use it. 提供:MTG Wiki 移動: 案内 , 検索 コールビーヨーン / Kolbjorn は、 フィンドホーンの森 の ドルイド 教団、 柏槙教団/Juniper Order の指導者であり、 氷河期 最後の 上座ドルイド/Elder Druid である。 Harsh storms of winter and the horrors of war had left him pale and gaunt, his hair thinning and his cheeks hollow. [8], She tried to rally the Orzhov Syndicate against Bolas, and she met with the Syndicate's ruling triumvirate, consisting of the human pontiff Armin Morov, the vampire tithe-master Slavomir Zoltan, and the angel warrior-executioner Maladola. (Kaysa, druido anziano dell'Ordine di Juniper) Ondata Glaciale fu presentata in tutto il mondo durante i tornei di prerelease l'8 luglio 2006 , in quell'occasione venne distribuita una speciale carta olografica promozionale: il Cavalca Allosauro , che presentava un'illustrazione alternativa rispetto alla carta che si poteva trovare nelle bustine. As her penance, Kaya was assigned the task of assassinating Liliana Vess, who the guildmasters had condemned to death for killing thousands of Ravnican citizens with the Dreadhorde.[24]. With the Revari contract settled, she could now attend to a much larger payday. Kaysa was the ward of the town church and assistant to Halvor. She was born in a village with less than hundred inhabitants. Can I get some birthday trivia lore wise on Kaya? [6] Her next job came through a contract from Marchesa to assassinate the ghostly King Brago. Fast shipping and friendly customer service. 10/1/2008 Kaysa’s ability affects itself. They were joined by Ral, who accompanied them to the Undercity. ※この記事はMTG Wiki様より転載しています。 移動: 案内, 検索 柏槙教団の上座ドルイド、ケイサ / Kaysa, Elder Druid of the Juniper Order はアイスエイジ・ブロックのキャラクター。 In Vraska's absence, the other leaders of the Golgari Swarm squabbled for control of her throne, but Vraska returned and united them. View builds, guides, stats, skill orders, runes and masteries from Pros playing Kai'Sa Daughter of the Void. MTG Lore is a Magic: The Gathering story compendium site, providing organized resources for new and existing fans. After that, Vraska, Ral, Kaya, Teyo, and Araithia journeyed to Rix Maadi to negotiate with Rakdos. [23][1][24] Later, she was confronted by Niv-Mizzet and the other guildmasters (with Tomik now representing the Orzhov Syndicate in her place). Teyo suggested that Liliana give up the Veil, who reluctantly did so with a little help from the Spirit-Gem. (Unbeknownst to Kaya, Bilagru had been persuaded to help her by Orzhov representative Tomik Vrona.) The TCGPlayer Price Guide tool shows you the value of a card based on the most reliable pricing information available. She turned the tables, had Teysa arrested and offered the hierarchs a deal. The group then went to speak with Borborygmos of the Gruul Clans, and Araithia convinced the cyclops to support their cause. このページの最終更新は 2013年7月6日 (土) 23:50 に行われました。 このページは8,161回アクセスされました。 プライバシー・ポリシー MTG Wikiについて 免責事項 Se trata de una relación de fechas no oficial, pero que toma toda su información de fuentes canónicas oficiales (ver:Lista de fuentes de historias). 提供:MTG Wiki 移動: 案内 , 検索 フレイアリーズ / Freyalise は、 アイスエイジ・ブロック 、 インベイジョン・ブロック 、 時のらせんブロック のキャラクター。 Freyalise was a planeswalker who specialized in nature magic. The School of the Unseen emerges from secrecy and helps found Eufan Pincar and New Sumifa. -Kaysa, Elder Druid of the Juniper Order: Converted Mana Cost: Block: Alliances: Rarity: Common: Card #: 84/199: Artist: Lawrence Snelly [5] She is descended from a noble lineage, though she and her kin had never stood on ceremony. Once the nobleman had been lured inside, Kaya revealed that she knew the extent of his crimes and left him to the wrath of his slain mother. Between 2934 and 2954 - The Fall of Kelsinko, Kaysa and Jaeuhl lead the Fyndhorn elves to Yavimaya.Kristina leaves Taysir. In the aftermath of her triumph, Kaya was confronted by Brago's captain of the guard, Adriana. La Reserved list è una lista di carte che non verranno mai più ristampate in forma cartacea, per preservare il loro valore. After passing the wastes and Yavimaya River, they reached the end of their journey, when they arrived at … use the following search parameters to narrow your results: subreddit:subreddit find submissions in "subreddit" author:username find submissions by "username" site:example.com find … 提供:MTG Wiki 移動: 案内 , 検索 ミッケル / Mikkel は、 氷河期 の キイェルドー国 、 クロヴ/Krov から数日の距離にある村。 Kaya resurfaced on Ravnica as part of the Orzhov Syndicate. 個別ページでの未解決の質問や情報提供依頼、または進行中の提案や議論はこちらに一覧化されています。皆さんのご意見をお聞かせください。 Kaya acts as though she is driven by a desire for money,[4] but often her sense of justice is greater than her desire for personal gain. [16] Afterwards, she helped Ral Zarek engage the Golgari, to conquer a location that was needed for his manipulation of the Implicit Maze. Card Rulings 10/1/2008 Kaysa… Is there any trivia you can give us about Kaya's presence on Ravnica? There they began to help Ana on her path to redemption. [9][13] In addition, she discovered that Bolas has maneuvered her in this position, and that she now had to do his bidding in return for aid to her broken home plane, as originally agreed, but also for extrication from her current predicament. With the help of Tomik Vrona, who thought that Teysa was making a mistake, Kaya discovered that all the hierarchs owned debts to the true heir of Patriarch Karlov. Oracle Text. If someone adds a wiki to WikiIndex by using one of the infobox boilerplates, and doesn't enter a Wiki Status category in the |status = field, that wiki article will end up being listed in this YourWikiStatus category.This category should, ideally, be empty most of the time – and if it's not, please help us empty it out, by editing the articles below into an appropriate status category. Afterward, Jaya guided them to Caligo on Dominaria in search of Liliana but soon left after refusing to go further. [15] Kaya's habit of forgiving debts and raising taxes made her even more unpopular and caused Teysa to end their partnership, further undermining her position. When going fully intangible, she notes it causes her heart to stop beating for the length of the duration, possibly being a threat if overdone. She shared many heroics traits with her friends Lucilde Fiksdotter but seemed to be more impulsive and ill-tempered During Disa the Restless's expedition to the west, Klazina and Lucilde … 提供:MTG Wiki 移動: 案内 , 検索 柏槙教団 / Juniper Order とは、 氷河期 末期から 雪解けの時/The Thaw の テリシア/Terisiare 大陸で活動した ドルイド 教団。 While Rat went off to learn more about the mansion and its inhabitants, Teyo attempted to remove the gold collar from Liliana's neck which jolted her back to her senses. Reserved List(Reserved Cards). The group first traveled to Gobakhan to help Teyo Verada, as it was his first time to intentionally planeswalk. [1], Kaya is a dark-skinned, young woman with dark, frizzy hair. Still bound by the debt contracts she inherited from the Obzedat, Kaya contemplated declaring all those debts forgiven. 2019 Holiday Exchange! Green creatures you control get +1/+1. In the next few weeks, your wiki will be migrated to a Fandom.com domain. Ten years afer the first attacks of Lim-Dûl against Kjeldor, Disa lead an expedition into the west in the hope to find allies to fight together against the necromancer. Freyalise era una mezzelfa planeswalker che usava il mana verde e rosso. Browse through cards from Magic's entire history. [10] They received an audience Emmara Tandris, acting guildmaster of the Selesnya Conclave, who initially refused their plea for help. MTG界にとっては不必要なヤツ 非公式スポイラーをメインに MTG関連の情報を日本語で発信する 日本人のためのMTGサイト でも海外の記事を和訳するほどの 英語力は無い。 Esto es una cronología de la historia de Magic: The Gathering. 간단히 말해 매직 더 개더링의 카드 중에서 Wizards of the Coast가 재판을 금지한 카드들의 목록. [6] Kaya's family relationships can be best described as "complicated". Choose your product line and set, and find exactly what you're looking for. Liliana was found outside the House of Vess working in a nearby garden and in a trance. Kaya is centered in both black and white mana. Niv came back to life just in time to save the others from the God-Eternal Kefnet: using his newfound power, Niv was able to completely incinerate Kefnet in a torrent of flame, although the strain of channeling enough energy to kill a god caused him to fall unconscious. [1] Kaya usually wears a thief's leathers and a pair of long daggers on her wrists. To maintain your confidence in the Magic game as a collectible, we've created this Magic: The Gathering card reprint policy. MTG Salvation . While Rat retrieved the Spirit-Gem and returned it to Liliana, Kaya tried to kill the djinn but was knocked across the room. As promised, Kaya, Teyo, and Rat traveled to Fiora and met with Liliana who had changed her name to Ana Iora. 幽霊殺しを生業とするプレインズウォーカー/Planeswalker。女性。縮れ毛の黒髪に浅黒い肌を有し、ロンデル・ダガーを得物とする(イラスト1、イラスト2)。 自らの肉体の一部を、武器や衣服ごと非物質に変える能力を持つ。紫色の朧な光を発する非物質化した身体は、壁などの物体を通り抜けられるようになり、同時に幽霊に対して物理的に干渉できるようになる。これは死者の領域に踏み込む危険な行為であり、あまり長時間行うことはできない。また生者の領域に自らを繋ぎ止める「錨」を確保する … Liliana then used the Chain Veil to subdue Zahid whose only request was to take Liliana Vess as his prisoner. Kasmina has long honey-blonde hair, a blue-white hooded cloak, and a long crook-staff. MTG Salvation . With the help of Ajani and his team of planeswalkers, they were able to evacuate many civilians to the tunnels beneath the city, where they would be safe from the Dreadhorde. It just happens to be convenient when her personal and financial ambitions align. Kaya's Ghostform / ケイヤ式幽体化 (黒) エンチャント — オーラ(Aura) エンチャント(あなたがコントロールしているクリーチャーかプレインズウォーカー) エンチャントしているパーマネントが死亡するか追放領域に置かれたとき、そのカードをあなたのコントロール下で戦場に戻す。 Kaya was created with the Bolas storyline in mind. There she grew to become a court mage, adept in a variety of elemental disciplines. When going intangible, the affected portions of her body turn a transparent purple. MTG Wiki ここを編集 更新履歴 取得中です。 ここを編集 ゴリラの酋長/Gorilla Chieftain "In the soil of leadership sprout the seeds of immortality." Kaya, a.k.a. - Kaysa, Elder Druid of the Juniper Order She is a confident, roguish duelist with the ability to become partially incorporeal, allowing her to slip through solid items and to touch and assassinate spirits. She is also the nominal guildmaster of the Orzhov Syndicate on Ravnica. After becoming the Orzhov guildmaster, she released any debt she found unfair, taking on the burden of the debts herself, showing a remarkable degree of selflessness that wasn't fiscally aligned. Kaya, Teyo, and Araithia were sent to persuade the guilds that still remained neutral (Selesnya, Gruul, Golgari, and Rakdos) to join the fight against Bolas. Having become aware of Bolas' treacherous nature, Kaya defected from him for good. Alongside many other planeswalkers and Ravnicans, Kaya fought against Bolas' forces. the Ghost-Assassin, is a Planeswalker with a growing reputation as an accomplished ghost hunter. Green creatures you control get +1/+1. She is also the nominal guildmaster of the Orzhov Syndicate on Ravnica. ケイヤ/Kayaはコンスピラシー:王位争奪のキャラクター。カードとしてはコンスピラシー:王位争奪の幽霊暗殺者、ケイヤ/Kaya, Ghost Assassinが初出。, 幽霊殺しを生業とするプレインズウォーカー/Planeswalker。女性。縮れ毛の黒髪に浅黒い肌を有し、ロンデル・ダガーを得物とする(イラスト1、イラスト2)。, 自らの肉体の一部を、武器や衣服ごと非物質に変える能力を持つ。紫色の朧な光を発する非物質化した身体は、壁などの物体を通り抜けられるようになり、同時に幽霊に対して物理的に干渉できるようになる。これは死者の領域に踏み込む危険な行為であり、あまり長時間行うことはできない。また生者の領域に自らを繋ぎ止める「錨」を確保するため、全身を同時に非物質化することも避けている。, ケイヤは様々な次元/Planeで幽霊を殺してきたが、幽霊や生死に対する考え方は文化によって様々であり、ある地では祝福の声を浴びる一方で、ある地では追放の憂き目に遭ってきた。彼女自身の信条は、「生は生者のためにある」というものである。生者は自分の人生をしっかりと生き、残された時間のあるうちに欲しいものを追い求め、死の前には安らぎを見出すべきだ。死後も未練の残ることがあるのなら、それは大抵の場合本人の責任であり、幽霊となって今を生きる他者に迷惑をかけることは許されない、そう彼女は考えている。しかしながら彼女は幽霊に対しても一定の敬意を払っており、除霊の際にはまず言葉による説得を試みる――もっとも、それで解決に至ったことは一度もないのだが。, その過去は謎に包まれている。実は高貴な家柄の出身だが、故郷の次元を離れた今となっては、彼女がわざわざそれを口にすることもない。, フィオーラ/Fioraの酒場にて、ケイヤは貴族エミリオ・レヴァリー/Emilio Revariから除霊の依頼を受けた。レヴァリーは母から相続した屋敷に幽霊が出没するようになったと説明したが、彼女は遠回しに指摘した――その幽霊とは死んだ母親なのではないかと。レヴァリーは彼女の詮索を嫌ったが、ケイヤは除霊のためには幽霊の事情を知る必要があると言い張った。彼女は母親がその屋敷を頑なに息子に譲ろうとしなかったこと、幽霊が東棟の2階に出没することを聞き出し、屋敷の図面と報酬の半分を受け取った。, 翌日の夕方、ケイヤは出発前に宿屋の女主人から手紙を渡された。その手紙には文字はなく、黒薔薇の印だけがあった。昨年から準備を進めていた大口の依頼がとうとう実を結ぶことを知り、彼女の胸は高鳴った。, 日が暮れた頃、ケイヤは屋敷に到着した。聞いていた通り、東棟の2階で老女の幽霊が姿を現した。ケイヤは壁抜けの技を駆使して幽霊と戦ったが、図面ではただの寝室だったはずの部屋に床がなかったことで危うく転落しかけた。彼女は幽霊のショールに掴まって喫茶室らしき部屋に飛び込み、そこで真実に気がついた。私室でもない場所に執着する幽霊、先程の床のない部屋で見た1階と2階の間にある空間、そしてこの部屋の隅の瓦礫の山――ケイヤが瓦礫を除け、ダガーで床板をこじ開けると、そこには幽霊と同じ顔の老女の死体があった。, 真夜中、ケイヤの報告を受けたレヴァリーは彼女とともに屋敷を訪れた。レヴァリーは彼女が床下の秘密を暴いたことに気づき怒り狂ったが、そこに老女の幽霊が現れた――実の息子に殺された母親の幽霊が。助けてくれ、契約したはずだと叫ぶレヴァリーに対し、ケイヤは契約の不履行により残りの報酬は不要であるとにべもなく告げた。彼女はレヴァリーの突進を非物質化でかわすと、閉じた扉を通り抜け、哀れな男の悲鳴を後に屋敷を去った。, ケイヤは死後も幽霊となってパリアノ/Palianoを統治し続けている王、ブレイゴ/Bragoの城に侵入した。異変を察知して駆けつけた護衛隊長アドリアナ/Adrianaが見たのは、暗殺者が如何にしてか、ブレイゴの首筋にダガーを深々と突き刺している光景だった。アドリアナの目の前で、ブレイゴの霊体は傷口から広がるように壊死し、消失していった。数秒のうちに、王の姿は完全に消え去った。, ケイヤは怒りに燃えるアドリアナの剣撃と唾棄を、笑みを浮かべながら非物質化でかわした。暗殺対象はブレイゴ一人であり、無益な殺生をするつもりはなかった。この男は圧政者だった、圧政者が死ねば自由を手にする機会が生まれると言い残すと、ケイヤは床を抜けて城を後にした。彼女の雇い主であるマルチェッサ/Marchesaがパリアノの女王に即位したのは、その翌日のことだった。, War of the Spark: Ravnica—Old Friends and New, War of the Spark: Ravnica – The Path to Opulent, War of the Spark: Ravnica – Rallying the Reluctant, War of the Spark: Ravnica—Desperate Operatives, War of the Spark: Ravnica—Operation Desperation, http://mtgwiki.com/wiki/%E3%82%B1%E3%82%A4%E3%83%A4/Kaya, このページの最終更新は 2020年6月19日 (金) 22:15 に行われました。.