There is an opportunity cost in time of being in a PhD program. But some engineering majors are more difficult than others. It will be hard work and even if you're smart it will require you to build great time management skills. The most common job titles tend to design/project engineer quickly followed by senior/chief/lead engineer. Is engineering a good career for the future? The problems most student face in completing a degree isn’t just the rigor of the courses. Why is engineering so hard? Whilst it will be a harsh and long road, most qualified engineers have never looked back. According to sites like, the future job market for engineers is looking pretty healthy. This uncertainty … Katy Medium (author) from Denver, CO on June 29, 2018: John, thanks for the insightful comment on Civil Engineering! Anyway, good luck with the rest of your education and starting your career! In today’s Industry 4.0 workforce, engineering has taken center stage with many considering a career in engineering and looking into obtaining a Pr ofessional Engineer license. With enough tenacity and sharp study skills even a mediocre math and science student can get through engineering undergrad. This means teaching them to solve really challenging problems. (esp in UK) Engineering Thread starter streeters Start date Aug 27, 2008 Aug 27, 2008 #1 streeters 229 2 Just a quick question for anyone here with a EngD or PhD in Engineering. There are lots of reasons why it is still worth going to university. Or want to know if the course load is worth getting an engineering job? It is also one of the quickest growing engineering disciplines around. "Engineering" sounds like a difficult discipline. That doesn't necessarily mean it actually is easier. Program duration varies by university, program and even what type of degree you’re pursuing, but generally takes four to eight years. If either academia or research are of interest, a PhD may be worth it. i am thinking about doing an engineeering, but itlooks difficult. It's so difficult because engineering programs try to prepare their students to enter the workforce. If you've got what it takes, becoming an engineer is definitely worth all the hard work. Otherwise, perhaps not. To decide for yourself whether continuing your engineering education is the right choice for you take the time to think about the career you’re setting up for yourself.If the courses that are making you regret pursuing a Mechanical degree are labs and circuits that you don’t expect to see again after graduation then keep going. Of course this simplified metric makes two huge assumptions: In fact, each has huge challenges. The cost of completing a degree in a specific field doesn’t vary much at the same college so the determining factor for ROI will be the salary you earn after graduating. 5 Facts that May Surprise You By Ashley Brooks on 11/14/2016 It’s Monday morning and you’re once again dreading the week ahead of you at a job that isn’t allowing you live up to your full potential. It involves more math and physics than most students want to take. Other areas of engineering, like software engineering, are currently under-supplied with labor. It describes ANSYS's new real-time solver, which is admittedly pretty cool, but It won't be a walk in the park, by no stretch of the imagination, but as Theodore Roosevelt once said: "nothing worth having comes easy.". Especially in Europe where you are mechanical engineer but specialised in Computational mechanic/CFD, material and process engineering, structural analysis.. Civil engineering does use advanced calculus throughout their classes. More Opportunities for Career And even though the classes are rigorous a dedicated student can make it through. Advanced Object Oriented concepts and algorithms include many advanced mathematical concepts in programming. There is a growing trend of misemployment the world over, and engineering is one area unlikely to be affected by this in the future. Civil Engineering is a very useful degree on its own and also sets the student up for exciting specialties. You'll learn different fields for civil engineering. Aerospace is rightly seen as a particularly challenging course of study. Some industries, like mining, construction, and manufacturing, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, are currently enjoying a period of strong growth for engineers. On one hand, you’re taking on additional debt right when you want to be earning money. It will wither away to become I myself is a civil engineering student currently in my last year and running for a Latin Honor. You can think of return on investment in education as the earning potential of a degree minus the cost of getting that degree. 0 0 RoaringMice Lv 7 7 years ago Yes, it's better to get a degree in accounting, in your particular case. Whether it be a doctorate or a master's, a graduate degree in psychology will require a significant commitment of time. Engineering college is tough and for many students it will be the first time they struggle in a math or physics class. It is, “Is it worth studying MS in Mechanical Engineering abroad if you’re already earning well in India?” And that’s what we’ll help you decide. Software Engineers don’t have the foundation in physics and materials that other students go through. Web. Many will attest to how rewarding engineering is. This article discusses how difficult studying engineering really is and how to decide if it's the best choice for you. Anyways, still, this is a good article. But you can make considerably more than this. PsyD degree programs usually take less time than PhD programs. Usually it's the math or the workload that students struggle with. Katy mentors and educates young professionals and helps those beginning their careers and financial journeys to make informed decisions. "Is a Master's Degree in Software Engineering Worth It?." In many polls and surveys, engineering-related jobs still command some of the highest incomes of all. Depending on your location mechanical engineering is a broad topic can include several majors such as material science and aerospace engineering. I guess I have to disagree with your statement, "Civil Engineering is known as one of the easier diplomas to get". Is an Engineering Doctorate worth it? So it appears that choosing a to pursue a career in engineering is a sage one. Engineering worth into every project. Thank you Ma'am Katy, just one more year and I'll become a certified civil engineer. These are just projections and cannot take into account future impacts on said industries. Most programs require electives and many students doing a master's or PhD can option to take on advanced systems engineering and electrical engineering courses prior to graduation.