From beauty YouTubers to Instagram fitness gurus and Twitter celebrities to Twitch streamers, influencer marketing has taken social media by storm. Get ready to rock influencer marketing in 2020! If you’re signing the next Kardashian or Jenner to promote your products, use our Influencer Contract PDF Template … Influencer Marketing Template Orientation. Check out our Free 2020 Influencer Marketing Plan Template. The X axis of each template consists of the following: each step’s deliverable, tasks associated with each step’s deliverable, who owns it, and due date. It will help you determine how to benchmark against your competitors, and most importantly, how to win and nurture new influencers. The Y axis consists of each individual deliverable required to do that specific influencer marketing … Blogger assessment template. Influencer mention template Once you’ve featured an influencer in your content, you have to make sure they notice. Clarify your influencer marketing goals, objectives, strategy and KPIs which will make it easier to communicate your plan and results to your team and management Streamline and improve your influencer marketing by creating a standard document and process for influencer … When brainstorming your list of possible influencers, consider building a template … Influencer marketing. Related: 5 Ways to Maximize Word-of-Mouth Marketing Note: All influencer marketing templates can be downloaded here: The Complete Guide to Influencer Marketing: Strategies, Templates & Tools. This FREE influencer marketing plan template is the perfect resource for setting brand goals for 2020.