7. Even the navy of civilizations like Malays, Koreans and Vikings may have trouble against an early Viking galley raid, as their counters to that only comes until Castle Age for most of these civilizations. Vikings completely lack Fire Ships, limiting their responses against enemy navies. There are so many ways to deal with it depending on the civ and how you want to handle it. Besides the fact that the player should be creating counter units while their enemy is massing their own, LBows end up having a glow of invincibility. Vikings Their Cavalry Archers are also not worth considering, but their foot archers definitely are as their Arbalesters get all upgrades. Viking Berserker: Japanese Samurai, Archers, Cav Archers, Scorpions, Frank Throwing Axemen, Saracen Mamelukes, Teutonic Knights, Hand Cannoneers, Persian War Elephants, Towers ( ) means works but not really considered a counter Fast-moving ranged units (such as the Malian Gbeto, Saracen Mamelukes, and of course most Cavalry Archers, except the Indian Elephant Archer) can also hit-and-run them. Old Norse is the ancestor of all the North Germanic/Scandinavian languages; Icelandic, Faroese, Danish, Swedish, Norwegian, and Norn which was spoken in Orkney and Shetland. Focus https://ageofempires.fandom.com/wiki/Vikings/Strategy?oldid=291517. Open map Goth counter Britt, but on Black Forest a good Britt can counter Goths. X. xiao_ New Member. Age of Empires II: The Age of Kings PC . Berserks can heal themselves slowly, allowing a Viking player to not create supporting monks in battle. i am known as "GregStein" and a huge fan of Age of Empires 2. While the Berserk is a good counter for most other infantry, there are several infantry units that can overturn them. The Viking homelands were Norway, Sweden, and Denmark. Teutons. Despite being depicted as a naval civilization, Vikings are surprisingly vulnerable in the Feudal Age water combat because they have no access to the Fire Galley-line. Vikings are perfectly capable to perform sea rushes in maps like archipelago and islands with their cheaper galleys from the Feudal Age. Mayans. From among strong naval civilizations, the Malay are probably the best pick as allies for the Vikings; the far-sighted docks can be used to build up vigilant, fast-response garrison fleets, and in return, Malay players can build up their own coastal defense network for a bargain price. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Their cheaper Dock bonus helps them and their allies control the waterways sooner than the enemy team early in the game. First of all it depends on the type of map you are playing. From the Duchy of Normandy came a remarkable series of warriors, including William I, who conquered England in 1066, Robert Guiscard and his family, who took Sicily from the Arabs between 1060 and 1091, and Baldwin I, king of the crusader kingdom of Jerusalem. One last thing to note is that the Vikings' defense is surprisingly good with Fortified Wall, Architecture, Hoardings, and Heated Shot. Portuguese allies are also fantastic teammates for the Vikings: they grant free Cartography upgrade for their Viking allies in order to conduct effective early joint-rushes, either on land or water maps, solid economy powered by their Feitorias, in exchange for bargain price Docks to produce extra warships with the Carrack upgrade, especially Caravels with piercing attack. Infantry have +10%/+15%/+20% HP in the Feudal/Castle/Imperial Age. 50 seconds The Pikeman is an infantry unit in Age of Empires II that can be trained at the Barracks once the Castle Age is reached. Their defensive structures are not a particular highlight either, but their Castle at least gets all upgrades. Their base HP and their training time are also improved. Just endure till he runs out of gold and you can spam the cheap troops. Personally, I would use the skirmishers as a meat shield to counter their archers and simultaneously micro the bombard cannons to target the monks (or any siege that comes along). Vikings make perfect allies on water maps. In 871 another large fleet sailed up the Seine River to attack Paris. Eventually they occupied and settled significant parts of Europe. When playing a random map game against the computer, the player may encounter any of the following Viking AI characters: The Vikings (meaning “northmen”) were the last of the barbarian tribes called Germans by the Romans to terrorize Europe. Archived. About The Author GregStein. The latter are very weak for the Vikings themselves, though. This means that Aztec players prefer to end their games relatively quickly or hinder the opponent to the point of no comeback. trebs is the best way, but all depends on the civ.. micro a few camels infront of onagers, hes going to flattern his own pikemen with his onagers. One of the last kings of all England before 1066 was Canute, who ruled Denmark and Norway simultaneously. 1v1 a good Goth can counter a Byz. Being pagan, they did not hesitate to kill churchmen and loot church holdings, and they were feared for their ruthlessness and ferocity. Age of Empires Series Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. Furthermore, their infantry, including the Berserk, have more health. Posted by 6 days ago. As most infantry, Berserks gain a small attack bonus against enemy standard buildings and Eagle Warriors. The Vikings also have a strong navy, having a naval unique unit, the Longboat. Being highly reliant on infantry in land maps. Chieftains now costs 400F/300G and gives Berserks +5 attack against cavalry. Despite the fact that their discount bonus was modified in "The Forgotten", they can still do this. While the Vikings have one of the worst cavalry in game due to lacking key important technologies (Bloodlines, Husbandry, Paladin, Hussars and Plate Barding Armor), the Vikings can still pull off a viable (but suboptimal when compared to Huns, Berbers, and Mongols) Knight rush in the game thanks to their strong economic bonuses, meaning the Vikings can pump out Knights much sooner and in higher numbers thanks to the Wheelbarrow and Hand Cart free upgrades. The absence of even Fire Galleys should be noted, though, as it can be a disadvantage early on when Longboats are not yet available. The occupiers and conquerors of England became English, the Normans became French, and the Rus became Russians. As infantry, they share the same weaknesses of regular Champions, so civilizations with good gunpowder (such as Turks and Portuguese) can counter them with Hand Cannoneers, while Byzantine Cataphracts, Mayan Plumed Archers and Incan Slingers are also a threat to them. Well I will have to differ from the earlier answers given to this question which suggest viking as a weak civilization. Their unique unit is the Berserk, a powerful infantry unit with a high attack and hit point with the ability to regenerate lost hit points, slowly, over time. Introduced in Wasn't that painless? report. some aoe2 civs have various counter picks, which at the very least give one player a small advantage. Best way to counter boats. So unless they can mass their warships early by taking advantage of their cheaper cost, Vikings player ideally shouldn't … So unless they can mass their warships early by taking advantage of their cheaper cost, Vikings player ideally shouldn't stay in the Feudal Age for too long. They also have bonus damage against buildings, so civilizations with mediocre defense (such as Goths, Magyars, Mongols and Huns) will have a harder time against an army of Berserks. Onagers are important, you need to micro them efficiently and protect them properly. S. ... Aztecs are incredible during the early game but their power falls off in late game as they lack transition options to counter certain enemy types. As there were introduced 2 new ships, Vikings get a distinctive advantage from these new introductions as they can spam the Demolition raft for a lower cost than other Civilizations since Feudal Age (they lack the Fire Galley). Towers, Castles and Harbors can also counter an incoming Longboat raid on the shore, so civilizations with good coastal defenses (such as Koreans, Malay, Byzantines and Japanese) can counter them effectively. The best water civ? I think actually Camels might get something like +2 damage but it's still pointless to use. Notify me about new: Guides. ... More posts from the aoe2 community. It takes about 3 standard (not Viking, etc) Pikemen to beat 1 Frankish Paladin. The absence of even Fire Galleys should be noted, though, as it can be a disadvantage early on when Longboats are not yet available. Although the Demolition Raft can counter Fire Galley in theory, the Demolition Raft needs a lot of micromanagement to be used effectively, and cannot be used repeatedly. Their other unique unit, the Berserk, is an excellent all-purpose infantry warrior that heal itself, but also Age of Empires II's most expensive units to fully upgrade. Their infantry have increased hit points which aids in pitched battles. Keep in mind Camels and Mamelukes get basically no attack bonus vs. Cats. The Vikings lack many important Monastery technologies like Sanctity, have limited light and heavy cavalry (they lack Hussars, Paladins, Heavy Cavalry Archers, and lots of cavalry upgrades such as Bloodlines, Husbandry and Plate Barding Armor), have no Halberdiers (though the extra HP for pikeman cover this to some extent), no gunpowder units or Towers (except Cannon Galleon and Elite Cannon Galleon), no Siege Onagers, and no Fire Ships (but the Longboat can more than make up for this). Compilation of AOE2 Build Order's, Civlization Guides, Unit Counter List, Unit recommendations. Questions. Can Vikings counter them? Spanish. Cheats. The extra hp for their infantry improves this tactic but other than that, it will be a standard rush. Spreading out from their homelands in Scandinavia, they struck suddenly across the seas from their dragon boats (called such because of the dragon heads carved on the bow and stern). Add this game to my: Favorites. They lose very badly to teutonic knights, cataphracts, samurai and jaguar warriors, no matter the numbers. Scout Rush and try to click up to the next ages faster. log in sign up. Age of Empires Series Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. Now, onto strategy. Also, Pikemen now become stronger versus cavalry as well, especially against Cataphracts. The Norse were also absorbed by the cultures into which they had intruded. York from the Battles of the Forgotten is about Ragnar Lodbrok's sons who arrive on the British Isles to avenge the death of their father against Ælla of Northumbria. There are absolutely counters wtf. 89% Upvoted. Chinese. Treadmill Crane added to the technology tree. At the same time, they were remarkable craftsmen, sailors, explorers, and traders. Being a civilization with good infantry and good early and mid game, able to perform a good infantry rush (as their infantry are bulkier), they can defeat civilizations that otherwise fare well in open maps like Arabia. The advantage of going into Man-At-Arms over Scouts is that you can make 3 Militias in the Dark Age while aging up to the Feudal Age, meaning you'll have 3 Men-At-Arms at the opponents base before they have even produced a single Scout. In that regard, Goths are a perfect teammate, as they provide +20% faster Barracks. save. ... More posts from the aoe2 community. There does not seem to be much difference in the outcome of … ... then send out very tiny groups of counter units. Not even a samadh … Goths. ... How to counter aztecs, be vikings. I know it's a terrible pun, but the Huns for beginners are mostly a one trick pony civilization in Age of Empires 2. Looking for something specific? Countering Eagles as Vikings. In any other map if starting from Feudal or Castle Age their free Wheel barrow and Hand Cart will still grant an early economic advantage. Mar 16, 2012 107 0 0. The Vikings were best known for being advent sailors and for establishing settlements and colonies in the Northern Atlantic in Greenland and Newfoundland, hundreds of years before the arrivals of other European explorers (first settlement in 985). Warships are 15%/15%/20% cheaper in the Feudal/Castle/Imperial Age. Viking siege weapons are somewhat lacking, and their Monks are simply bad. Civilizations like Portuguese, Turks and Khmer will struggle against a Feudal Age Viking raid. In 911 the French king made the Viking chief of Normandy a duke in return for converting to Christianity and ceasing to raid. With patch 4.8, Chieftains now affects all, With patch 4.8b, Chieftains now gives infantry additional +2 attack against. Because the Vikings were still underdeveloped, this civilization lacks many technologies. A Man-At-Arms Rush is a common Strategy and is often followed by Archers, Towers or Scouts. Per page: 15 30 50. Bombard Towers will be able to hit targets faster while Hand Cannoneers and Bombard Cannons will be more precise against enemies moving towards them. The Vikings are a naval and infantry civilization. Even have T90 up on the TV while be play. This is just a short video describing the best way to take and win large scale battles with infantry. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Interestingly, they are a very effective counter against huskarls, but lose to almost all other infantry except for halberdier. However the cost for the Longboat was reduced to 90 wood 40 gold (from 100 wood 50 gold). Without further ado I present you with 5 things you may or may not know about AOE2! Now Playing. Also, as their infantry rely on tankiness instead of better attack, cheapness, or numeric superiority, other infantry civilizations (like Japanese, Burmese, Malay, Aztecs and Goths) may overturn the Viking infantry. Civilization information The Vikings 20% cheaper warship bonus and 25% cheaper Docks makes them the top tier civ in the game on the water. The Japanese team bonus (+2 line of sight for Galleys) also helps the Viking early game water rush and scouting. I played a ridiculous amount of multiplayer games and acquired so much … They get Wheelbarrow and Hand Cart for free, slightly boosting their middle game economy. The spread of Christianity weakened the old pagan warrior values, which died out. Link | Reply | Quote Skreemo » Send Private Message. Sadly, Vikings are a lot less versatile on land than on water but if managed well they can thrive in non water maps, and should always try a rushing tactic in the early game. Denmark, Sweden, and Norway had become kingdoms, and much of their king’s energy was devoted to running their lands. Berserks must be paired with other infantry units at this point, and also have some range support from siege units and archers. The Vikings also excelled at naval warfare and tactics, and mastered the art of various types of sailing. They began by raiding, pillaging, and withdrawing before any serious armed resistance could be mounted, but they gradually grew more bold. It can be used for any civilization but the … There are a lot of counters to infantry in the game, so you have to devote some resources to make sure your beefed-up champs survive. The Berbers may not seem as an obvious option for an alliance, as Viking Genitours will not be any special, but as they have a good navy they can also benefit from the Viking team Bonus, while at the same time enabling their Viking ally to faster spam their Berserks, Trebuchets, and Petards through the implementation of the Kasbah technology, plus their own Genitours to support infantry. Vikings began raiding and then settling along the eastern Baltic Sea in the sixth and seventh centuries. Settlements were established as bases for further raids. Their naval bonuses (cheaper ships and cheaper dock) was changed too, but in this case reduced those bonuses; the cost bonus for their ships is now staggered and the team bonus for the dock was reduced to 15%. Despite lacking the Halberdier upgrade, their infantry is excellent as well with all upgrades, additional HP, and an excellent unique technology that improves their performance when engaging cavalry units. Unique technologies Their Longboats and other cheaper ships are invaluable on any water map. ... Compilation of AOE2 Build Order's, Civlization Guides, Unit Counter List, Unit recommendations. The strong Italian navy and archers make a good synergy with the Viking army. Unique units If you're Japanese, Aztec, Goth or Viking, definitely consider champions as a counter). Longboats cost 100W/50G and take 41 seconds to train. A Vietnamese ally grants the Vikings extra bag of tricks: gold subsidy from Paper Money provides them decent bankroll for extra Berserks and longboats; Imperial Skirmisher upgrade gifts them another wise choice against enemy archers and cavalry archers alike, as well as they can address the locations of the opponents for early aggression. Also, their Champions will be more easily massed in the later stages of the game. In team games vikings can trib teammates a lot of resources. A very interesting Coastal game where a clash of strategies and decision making makes for a tense situation. The Longboat, being a ship that fires multiple arrows while also moving fast and being created quite fast, are a good counter to Galleons, Cannon Galleons, Portuguese Caravels and non-siege units near the shore or in a shallow, especially in large numbers. The Berserk being an infantry with good HP, reasonably good movement speed and regenerating ability, is able to handle most other infantry units (with several exceptions; see in disadvantages) like Goth Huskarls, Celtic Woad Raiders, Incan Kamayuks, Italian Condottieri, Malay Karambit Warriors (in 1 vs 1 unit basis), Ethiopian Shotel Warriors, Eagle Warriors, Champions (except the Champions of certain civilizations; see in disadvantages) and Halberdiers. Archived. Practice To: Scout yourself and Scout The Enemy Learn Hotkeys (Keyboard Shortcuts); Edit them to be comfier or use Pro Hotkeys Learn new builder orders e.g. The only counter the Vikings can lay out against cavalry is the pikes/scorpion mass attack, which can be expensive for the actual cost delivered. As Chieftains grants all Viking infantry a +5 damage bonus against cavalry and +4 bonus damage to camels, they can give a hard time to cavalry-based civilizations such as Franks, Persians, Huns, Malians, Berbers, Burmese, Magyars, and all the four new civilizations in the. Questions & Answers For AoE2 DE Brand-new Multiplayer. u/clash2621. The rest should be trash units (Scouts + … 1.6k. Central European 1 year ago. Civilizations with good cavalry archers may be problematic for the Vikings, as they can also mow down Viking infantry overall by hit-and-running them. Mixing in Scorpions also helps. Italians.  The Age of Kings This is especially noticeable in closed maps like Black forest, as those opponents manage to wall up and survive until Imperial Age, when they get their gunpowder. 1.6k. I just want to watch it. Also, the Champions of certain infantry civilizations are either tied or can defeat Viking Berserks. Its all about strat to be honest. Despite the fact that they have complete Arbalest and skirmisher upgrades, they don't have any archer-specific bonuses, so their archery line can be easily overturned by civilizations with either better archers, good Skirmishers, good Onagers, or a specific anti-archer unit. They also lack Shipwright; while technically having Shipwright grants the same amount of discount to ships as the Viking bonus, it is better for late-game, as this technology also improves the creation times of those ships. Their Berserk aren't always reliable in terms of melee combat. Posted by 6 years ago. Wish List. What can be done against masses of Elite Janissarys? I'm presuming the answer is that there is no real hard counter to huns otherwise 1v1 arabia wouldn't be 90% huns. Thanks to Arquebus, ballistics will give gunpowder units incredible accuracy and speed. Brush up on your Khan references and join me in looking at this popular AoE2 civilization. Wing or pocket. They were also known for bringing fear among several European communities since they would raid small villages unexpectedly. 5 Advanced Tips To Become Better At Age of Empires 2 Definitive. #1. How to counter huns, be vikings. It's pretty big. Therefore, their other unique unit is the Longboat which is a well-constructed slim boat that gracefully shoots through the water and fires volleys of arrows. On land Viking players must focus on their infantry, and are able to perform infantry rushes from the Feudal Age. Chieftains gives an attack bonus against cavalry, making them a powerful counter-unit, Berserkergang now costs 850 food and 400 gold (from 500 food and 850 gold), making this improvement cheaper than in The Conquerors. Gathering Infantry units in rams for a siege is also a viable tactic for the Vikings. 2. Viking infantry units are also able to become cannon fodder as they can take a lot of damage before dying. The Vikings' civilization icon is based on the raven banner. Usually the opposite to the stereotypical unit is the counter to the counter of the steriotypical unit, so you will easily destroy your enemy's army. Close. I will begin with my favourite all time unit – the cataphract! 7. Although powerful if pulled off, using this strategy is rather risky, because your opponent may anticipate your strategy and build the counter to the radical unit that you are planning of creating. Sep 24, 2013 #18 az > vik arabia . Join Date: 19 September 2010: Posts: 5402: Posted 8 December 2010 - 1:44 pm. Warships are now 10%/15%/20% cheaper in the Feudal/Castle/Imperial Age. Vikings are probably at their strongest in the Castle Age once they get Berserks and longboats. Best counter to paladin spam? Supplies was added to every civilization except the Goths. Masses of Scorpions are also a threat, so Celts, Khmer and Chinese also have an answer to them. Longboats fire volleys of arrows and are capable of defeating almost any naval unit. By Posted on October 17, 2020. Aside of the previous analysis in the drawbacks Berserks have, Viking regular Barracks infantry is still vulnerable to contingents of Aztec Jaguar Warriors, Mayan Plumed Archers, Incan Slingers and Byzantine Cataphracts, all four of which have attack bonuses against infantry. The second strength of the Portuguese is their navy. That means 105F/75W vs 60F/75G. WARNING: Following these build order's and using your hotkeys will increase your ELO. Posted by. 2. Press J to jump to the feed. This is reflected by their unique unit, the Berserk, and their unique technology that benefits them.