Provided support for all Microsoft Office products including CRM and Active Directory. Unlocked, move users over the domain box and changed password from Active Directory. KEY SKILLS AND COMPETENCIES. Operated and maintained a variety of computer systems connected to Mainframe host system that supported daily online production jobs. Improved software development and reduced impact of program-based faults in IBM JCL through developing process flow. Performed nightly backups on VAX S/6410 and a PC based office automation network. Used Active Directory to implement policies and update and reset user information. Company Profile Worked closely with Production Control and Tech Support to analyze and resolve system problems. Supported Windows application outage scheduled for maintenance and subsystem recycles. Designed and implemented custom HVAC and plumbing systems. Created and implemented a customer service standard operating procedure training manual. Salary ranges can vary widely depending on many important factors, including education , certifications, additional skills, the number of years you have spent in your profession. Rebooted remote IBM print server and data center PCs for maintenance. Resolved client print output problems Updated and performed daily and weekly backups and batch on IBM/OSVS1 and VM systems, which was upgraded to MVS. The computer operator also need knowledge of network monitoring software like Hewlett-Packard HP OpenView software and Novell NetWare. Designed/produced floor plans, detailing and revising existing drawings and part drawings for the completion of cabinetry. He holds a bachelor's degree in history, a master's degree in theology and has completed doctoral work in American history. Operated complex Unisys mainframe computer data system. Maintained system backup tape inventory and performed system recoveries. Performed daily backup of all computing systems including VAX, HP, NT, and UNIX components. Internet – … A key skill for computer operators is the ability to monitor operations and detect problems. Initiated, updated, tracked and closed trouble tickets; created and sent alerts and flashes. Utilized System 36 and AS400 computers to process accounts payable, accounts receivable and payroll, and prepare daily accounting reports. Madras High Court (MHC) has scattered out the advertisement to conduct the exam for Computer Operator post. Also Computer Operator Jobs. 2) Monitor the system for equipment failure or errors in performance. Operated and maintained mainframe computers and peripheral devices (printers, tape drives, card reader/punch) on rotating shifts. ; These individuals would be trained to use specialized equipment related to their duties. Planning, organization, math, and leadership skills are required. Attended several conference calls between Management, Technical Support and Operations for problem resolution. Assisted Engineers in design drawing fiber optics placement for high-speed internet. Attention to Detail. Monitored mainframe and microcomputer operating systems in an AS/400 environment. Supported IBM 9371 mainframe via VSE, ESA, CICS, VTAM, ICCF, and POWER. Created documentation on DEC VAX 6000 Mini-Mainframe System and related operations. Monitored the status of communication platforms and executed batch processing. Provided technical support for organization, ran and maintained batch jobs, did light CL programming tasks. Monitored, restarted and scheduled backup through HP Data Protector and Verities for all UNIX Database Servers and NT Servers. Communication skills. Use our Job Search Tool to sort through over 2 million real jobs. Maintained data by performing backup operations and initial program loads. Developed and designed a new internet web page, improved the old web page, verified internet traffic. Operated large-scale mainframe computers using standard operating procedures and techniques. Assisted in testing during mainframe migration from the VAX Alpha 4300 to the VAX Omega 6300. Interpreted system software, hardware and application malfunctions; actively diagnosed problems and performed corrective actions. Executed system backups and using SQL, corrected abnormally terminated programs. Assisted in the training of Dell Systems Operations during the outsourcing of the MSA IT department. Corrected any JCL errors, worked with programmers with program problems, and restored files. Migrated archival sales data from legacy FoxPro database to SQL Server. Utilized Jes2 and Jes328x commands to resolve local and remote devices. Provided 24-hour computer operations management including data control, report distribution, console and modem monitoring and maintenance. Used JA7/CA11, Jobtrac and Control-M job scheduling packages. This may require replacing malfunctioning equipment or software. Transfers information from paper formats into computer files using keyboards, data recorders, or optical scanners. Submitted jobs and worked with batch jobs to perform nightly, weekly, and/or monthly backups. Advised and implemented CAD technician re-certification. Performed daily recycling of production CICS application and teller terminal on line. Maintaining records of computer and system downtime. Monitored AS400 LPAR reflection sessions for possible errors and took corrective actions. 2,544 Computer Operator jobs available on Identified issues and submitted trouble tickets for any program or processing issues related to the system. Monitored peripheral media requests using JES2 commands. Created User ID's and assigned rights using Win 2000 Active Directory. Preformed daily jobs such as opening and closing Unisys mainframe system, data processing and data backup. These are the most demanding and evergreen basic computer skills. Utilized Microsoft XP and Red Hat Linux environment. Edited VMS DCL job control parameters in preparation of nightly batch production Student Information Systems run. Utilized small and medium Unisys/Boroughs systems to compile information based on general payroll. Computer operators need to be able to ... Communications Skills. Performed first level problem determination and participated in recovery and backup procedures. Ensured all CICS regions were available and nightly processing was completed. Implemented corrective actions for Spectrum and ITO alarms. Recognized as go-to person for VMS in operations, and requested by VMS support to assist that unit. Configured and maintained Active Directory, which included all employee contact information. Performed a variety of technical and administrative tasks through numerous computer systems. Monitored processing of customer payroll. Configured best HVAC routing in consideration of maximum air supply and vent flow rates. Performed daily backups, tape management duties and maintained emergency power readiness. Computer operator’s skills are multiple and all of it, he/she has to perform in defined period of time. Managed user accounts using Active Directory (Unlocked accounts, reset passwords, updated user profiles). Monitored Tivoli to ensure its optimal performance. Participated in problem resolution where appropriate. Performed 1st Level troubleshooting of PCs in a 400-user network environment on Operating Systems Windows NT/2000/XP. They also need familiarity with database user interface software such as Teradata Enterprise Data Warehouse, IBM DB2, Microsoft Access and Sybase SQL Anywhere. So, basic software skills and the ability to learn fast new programs are crucial for your performance. Performed with various operating systems which included; z/OS, JES2, TSO, and InfoPrint Manager. Monitored, operated and reviewed computer equipment including master console, error messages and storage devices. Reviewed and coordinated scheduled system outages to minimize any impact to regular batch processing. Developed Operating procedures for Display Setups. Provided support for IBM Laser Printer, IBM Impact Printer, IBM Disbursement Machine, and Xerox 4130 and 4135. Assisted in the detection and resolution of processing problems and provided routine maintenance on system printers and tape drive. A Computer Operator portrays his/her image and that of the company by the way he/she communicates; strong verbal communication skills are vital for business development and forging lasting relationships with customers, suppliers, and colleagues. Performed mainframe computer and peripheral operations including maintenance of tape library, preparation and distribution of various output media. Created and maintained architectural, electrical, HVAC and plumbing drawings. Provided support of secured computer room equipment and mentored junior group members. The job includes finding the source of serious issues and security breaches and blocking access to confidential filing systems, such as servers and backup media. Gained experience with CICS and user files and assisted programmers with troubleshooting problems over the phone. Drafted floor plans, elevation, design electrical circuits, and plumbing diagrams of residential buildings. Computer operator skills and Proficiency Requirements A computer operator performs key essential duties, which enables his organization to function smoothly. Supported mainframe production by monitoring batch via automated schedulers. Entered an alphabetic, numeric data from documents into computerized equipment of Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint. Given below on this page is a mega quiz about Computer basic skills info which can be attempted by our visitors to practice for the actual exams. Worked in Data Management area that contained 4 different systems composed of MVS, VSE, and VM as team leader. Processed accounts payable checks, job requests, restores, backups, and processed batch jobs using AS400 Utilities. Hired back as a consultant I was performing the same duties as my previous position with Unisys Corporation. Provided ongoing technical assistance to Global Infrastructure. Created financial reports in Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Visio formats for large banking firm. Developed single and double line HVAC plans, flow, piping, isometrics and one-line diagrams. Managed mainframe services, promoted to analyst position to undertake analysis of enterprise migration to personal computer technology. Operated Unisys Mainframe for the daily execution of jobs & balancing of the bank's daily summaries. Performed system backup and restore via Unix and Linux System. Monitored system errors through Tivoli Enterprise. Located and resolved system problems, terminated programs, maintained log books and responded to all operating and computer messages. The average salary for a Computer Operator with Microsoft Office skills in India is ₹183,834. Monitored servers through Tivoli Enterprise Portal and called network on-call whenever there was a problem such as an outage. Designed an automated approach to resolve outstanding system and CICS replies. Managed the creation of As-built packages designated for the client: composed of updated floor plans of the project after completion. Observed IBM and HDS mainframe systems for tape mount activity & tape interventions utilizing an IBM OS/390 MVS operating system.