The expansion of the company's 707 fleet also permitted more services in Southeast Asia, Northeast Asia, and North America (via Japan and Hawaii). Based in Shanghai, our CCAR 145 (approval by the Civil Aviation Administration of China) approved components maintenance shop provides local solutions for Chinese airlines starting on Airbus A320 and Boeing 737 avionics systems. The carrier collaborated with Taiwanese artists, cultural workers, and the Tourism Bureau to design the special liveries. However, it still offers the hardware product on the Boeing 747 aircraft and markets the seats as Business Class ones. In 1997, China Eastern took over the unprofitable China General Aviation and also became the country's first airline to offer shares on the international market. A new font was chosen for the company name and a new approach was taken for the appearance of the plum blossom trademark. The first co-branded livery aircraft was a Boeing 747-400, which was delivered in 2004 carrying the combined livery-design of Boeing and the airline; the aircraft was painted back to China Airlines corporate colors in 2012. The accidents contributed to the perception of the airline having a poor reputation for safety, partly blamed[who?] They also found another airline to deal with the PRC-ROC dispute which borrowed aircraft from China Airlines itself. As part of the collaboration, China Airlines installed "In-service Aircraft for a Global Observing System (IAGOS)" on three aircraft: B-18806 (Airbus A340-300) in June 2012, B-18317 (Airbus A330-300) in July 2016, and B-18316 (Airbus A330-300) in July 2017. China Airlines publishes three in-flight magazines for its passengers: DYNASTY, Fantasy Sky, and Sky Boutique. "Tigerair Taiwan Returned to Profit Last Month: CAL. In 1978, Japan allowed China Airlines to return to Tokyo International Airport at Haneda after relocating all other airlines at the New Tokyo International Airport at Narita, leaving China Airlines as the sole international operator at Haneda, which at the time was an exclusive domestic facility, the premise being that air carriers from the PRC and Taiwan were prevented from crossing paths at any Japanese airports. China Southern's subsidiaries include Xiamen Airlines, Shantou Airlines, Guizhou Airlines, Zhuhai Airlines, Chongqing Airlines and Henan Airlines. In 2007, in an article published after the explosion of Flight 120, 'The Wall Street Journal' quoted analysts as saying the airline has had "a marked improvement in safety and operational performance since 2002", with the mid-air disintegration of Flight 611 being "a catalyst for an overhaul" in its safety practices. [7] The plum blossom (Prunus mume) is Taiwan's National Flower. AFI KLM E&M Components China. Hainan Airlines Group (HNA) is a large privately-owned airline group based in Hainan, China. China Airlines entered its sixtieth year of operations in 2019. [31], China Airlines currently operates over 1,400 flights weekly (including pure cargo flights) to 118 airports in 115 cities on four continents (excluding codeshare; brackets indicate future destinations). [5][11], In March 2014, China Airlines announced the "NexGen (Next Generation)" plan to complement its then-upcoming Boeing 777-300ER and Airbus A350-900XWB. [89], At Hong Kong International Airport Terminal 1, China Airlines utilises the Skyteam alliance lounge, in which the carrier, alliance partner China Eastern Airlines, and Plaza Premium Lounge lead the designing, management, and operations. The A321neo will replace the Boeing 737-800 while 777Fs will replace the Boeing 747-400F. It is headquartered in Taipei Taoyuan International Airportand operates over 1400 flights weekly (including 91 pure cargo flights) to 102 cities across Asia, Europe, North America, and Oceania. [2][3][4] Carrying over 19 million passengers and 5700 tons of cargo in 2017, the carrier was the 33rd largest airline in the world in terms of revenue passenger kilometers (RPK) and 10th largest in terms of freight revenue ton kilometers (FRTK). The design interweaves the China Airlines brand colors with the Airbus carbon fiber pattern.[77]. [54] While Air China is majority owned by China National Aviation Corporation (CNAC), its remaining stock is traded on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange (SEHK: 0753), London Stock Exchange (LSE: AIRC) and the Shanghai Stock Exchange (SSE: 601111). Order with 3 options has been changed to firm orders. One serves as the President International Government plane. In addition, the company began recruiting university graduates as trainees in its own pilot training program. All airlines listed below are founded in Mainland China. China Airlines features full passenger and dedicated cargo operations to North America, Asia, Europe, and Oceania. On the other hand, Mainland routes are being downsized due to tense cross-strait relations. [7], In 2011, the carrier made alterations to its logo as part of refreshing the brand image, unveiled during Skyteam joining ceremony in 28 September. In October 1962, a flight from Taipei to Hualien became the airline's first domestic service. Western and Eastern menu selections are typically offered, including seasonal menu selections varied by destination. The names of the remaining 12 aircraft were selected by the Taiwanese public online from a total of 24 choices. [35] Since then, China has quickly become the second-largest market for China Airlines, with over 130 flights to 33 destinations across the Mainland. As one of the three major Chinese national carriers, China Eastern and its affiliates operate an extensive network of international and domestic services from their main hubs at Shanghai Pudong International and Shanghai Hongqiao International Airport's. In December 2013, China Airlines announced its new joint venture with Singaporean low-cost carrier Tigerair Holdings (now defunct and replaced by Budget Aviation Holdings) to establish Tigerair Taiwan. All planes of the series now wear the regular corporate livery or another special livery. [37][69][70][71] Regarding the newer Boeing 747-400 passenger fleet with the General Electric CF6 engines, they will be kept to operate high demand cross-strait and regional flights. [40] Additionally, the carrier has expressed interests in launching European destinations such as Barcelona, Madrid, Milan, and Prague;[41] in North America, Atlanta, Boston, Chicago, Seattle, Montréal, and Toronto. There are four tiers where three elite tiers are Gold, Emerald, and Paragon. [29] In April 2020 Premier Su Tseng-chang voiced support for changing the name but said that it might come at the cost of the nation's aviation rights. China Airlines flies to about 100 destinations in Asia, Oceania, Europe and North America. Additionally, China Airlines and its domestic subsidiary Mandarin Airlines operate numerous flights out of Kaohsiung International Airport and Taipei Songshan Airport, the downtown airport of Taipei. Phone calls and video chat are not permitted on the system. Between July 2012 and September 2017, the PGGM fleet collected greenhouse gases-data from a total of 4682 flights. Dynasty Lounge features vary by location. [38] In France, as China Airlines does not have rights to operate flights to Paris, the airline cooperated with SkyTeam-partner Air France to launch nonstop flights to the French capital on Air France metal in April 2018. The company also modified its maintenance and operational procedures. China Airlines, Ltd. Opinion We have audited the accompanying consolidated financial statements of China Airlines, Ltd. and its subsidiaries (collectively referred to as the “Group”), which comprise the consolidated balance sheets as of December 31, 2019 and 2018, and the consolidated statements of … For the similarly-named airline in the People's Republic of China, see, Latin America and the Caribbean regional office, Middle East and North Africa regional office, Joining SkyTeam and "NexGen" Plan (2010–present), Aircraft manufacturer co-branded liveries, Private bus services in the United States, Pacific Greenhouse Gases Measurement (PGGM) Project, Chen, Ted. In 2006, the current slogan was introduced to complement the new uniforms and to celebrate its 47th anniversary. [29][30] The existence of Two Chinas has sparked confusion as well as calls to change the name to something more reflective of modern political realities. We are dedicated to providing the best in-flight experience and quality to satisfy each passenger. Its main base or hub is at Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport. The order with Airbus also includes the option for 5 more of the type. [12][14], Future phases of the NexGen plan include ordering new aircraft to replace older fleet types. [22], In July 2020, the Legislative Yuan of the Republic of China passed a resolution for the Ministry of Transportation and Communications to rename the airline and redesign its liveries due to frequent confusion with Air China. However, the plane was painted back to the normal livery before it left the hangar. With the outbreak of the coronavirus, many airlines around the world have curbed or canceled flights to mainland China for fear of spreading the disease. Premium Economy Class is offered on the Boeing 777-300ER and Airbus A350-900XWB. Carrying over 19 million passengers and 5700 tons of cargo in 2017, the carrier was the 33rd largest airline in the world i… This number is rising as the outbreak continues. All stored passenger aircraft are to be sold eventually. In May 2019, China Airlines announced that it will be introducing the Airbus A321neo to replace its Boeing 737-800 fleet. China Airlines; IATA CI: ICAO CAL: Callsign DYNASTY: Airline Full Name: China Airlines Ltd. Country: Taiwan: Airline Founded : 16 Dec 1959: Subsidiaries / Group Airlines: Mandarin Airlines (13 aircraft) Tigerair Taiwan (11 aircraft) Base / Main Hub On 25 June 2016, the Taoyuan Flight Attendants Union, representing some 2500 cabin crew, staged the first strike in Taiwanese aviation history. We have audited the accompanying consolidated financial statements of China Airlines, Ltd. and its subsidiaries (the Group), which comprise the consolidated balance sheets as of December 31, 2016 and 2015, and the consolidated … HNA Group Co., Ltd., is a Chinese conglomerate headquartered in Haikou, Hainan, China.Founded in 2000, it is involved in numerous industries including aviation, real estate, financial services, tourism, logistics, and more. On the long haul Airbus A330-300s, there are 30 shell seats with 63" of pitch and 166° of recline; on the medium-haul A330s, there are 36 shell seats with 52" of pitch and 140° of recline. [93] The San Francisco buses transported customers to/from Milpitas and Cupertino. China Airlines, Ltd. We have audited the accompanying balance sheets of China Airlines, Ltd. and subsidiaries as of December 31, 2013, December 31, 2012 and January 1, 2012, and the related consolidated statements of comprehensive income, changes in … The division also utilizes the cargo space on passenger aircraft of the group. [citation needed]. Turndown service is offered by cabin crew upon request.[82]. Two-section lounges include an Exclusive Area, for Dynasty Flyer Emerald and Paragon cardholders, and a Business Class Area, for Business Class passengers and Dynasty Flyer Gold cardholders. Additionally, China Airlines is planning on codesharing with British Airways. Services typically include meals, refreshments, free Wi-Fi access, computers, televisions, publications, shower facilities, and breast-feeding rooms. [81], Regarding personal electronic devices, China Airlines, in accordance with governmental regulations, allows passengers to use electronics, storable in the seat pocket and under flight mode, throughout the journey. [6] Later, with the introduction of Caravelle and Boeing 727-100s, the airlines introduced international flights to South Vietnam, Hong Kong, and Japan. As disputes unfolded surrounding the partnership, China Airlines Group re-negotiated with Tigerair Holdings and has now taken full ownership of Tigerair Taiwan. The Taipei Branch Office of the airline remains at the China Airlines Building in downtown Taipei. [86][deprecated source]. China Airlines (Chinees: 中華航空, vaak afgekort tot 華航) is de nationale luchtvaartmaatschappij van Taiwan (de Republiek China). China Eastern Air Holding Company, also known as China Eastern Group, is a Chinese international airline group based in Shanghai. We have reviewed the accompanying consolidated balance sheets Due to improving cross-strait relations, the first cross-strait charter flights between Taiwan and China were introduced in 2003, with China Airlines' flight 585, operated by a Boeing 747-400, being the first Taiwanese flight to legally land in China. [15][16], Focus has also been put on tapping the maintenance, repair and overhaul (MRO) market. [33], The expansion of China Airlines international presence has long been limited by the political status of Taiwan. China Airlines is Republic of China's (Taiwan) largest airline, operating regular flights to over 90 destinations worldwide. It also allowed the airlines to introduce flights to Saudi Arabia and South Africa. Information on acquisition, funding, investors, and executives for China Airlines. Cabin design on the A321neo will continue the NexGen design ethos to provide passenger experience cohesive with that of the 777 and A350. As Republic of China (Taiwan)'s flag carrier, China Airlines has been affected by disputes over the political status of Republic of China (Taiwan), and under pressure from the Communist Party of China, was barred from flying into a number of countries maintaining diplomatic relations with the People's Republic of China ("China"). [42][81], China Airlines has terminated First Class services since 1 July 2015. Business Class, formerly known as Dynasty Class, is offered on all China Airlines aircraft. Digital devices heavier than 1 kg can only be used above 10,000 feet. But as the number of new cases of the virus … Originally founded in 1989, Hainan Airlines is part of Chinese conglomerate HNA Group, and together with its affiliates the Hainan Airlines Group operates an extensive network of domestic and international services from its main hub at Haikou Meilan International Airport. Following the introduction of 747-200s, the airlines introduced its first European destination, Amsterdam. For airlines of Hong Kong and Macau, click List of airlines of Hong Kong, List of airlines of Macau [94], Previously, the airline operated buses for travelers in San Francisco, Houston and Abu Dhabi. China Airlines has used different slogans throughout its operational history. The articles feature local and international events, descriptive culture, social introductions, personal interviews, in-flight entertainment instructions, and China Airlines news. Facilities include VIP room, lounge area, dining area with a hot and cold buffet of international cuisine, bar, business centre, TV room, yoga room, and shower rooms. The airline will take delivery of 25 A321neos, including 14 leased and 11 purchased, starting 2021. [12] The first phase of the plan has been completed. Initial agreements have been struck to cooperate from Taipei-Taoyuan to London-Gatwick and beyond. ºìHÈÿÎ7&ëvĕ!¥õ£6ù®#’t®{³ w]iÞÁé¢*»é´zO&>ì†fè¡ìá×t¯iܘ´ø4­ŠÌîm†¨ŒÑe—f—y¡ £O:ÍL™!èsúÞgÂ!0]uzÿ’¢ëC­mL§1uW5ôç%÷X%\P™FÒϞç_üNV—Éùqö}I|ǹ°E=âÌ­Ǿ^ès. [37] After upgrading all its European routes to nonstop services, in late 2017, the carrier launched four weekly services to London Gatwick Airport. Following the standard utilization of the wide-body 747 on the highly profitable Trans-Pacific – USA routes, China Airlines introduced its first two 747-100s (ex-Delta Air Lines aircraft) in 1976 and immediately placed them on its Hong Kong-Taipei-Tokyo-Honolulu-Los Angeles route. Boeing 747 aircraft equipped with First Class flatbed-seats have 49 Business Class recliner seats. Companies with a major China Airlines Group stake include:[2], Between 1994 and 2002, China Airlines suffered four fatal accidents,[101] three of which each resulted in more than 200 deaths. [92], In the United States, China Airlines operates private bus services in selected cities to transport customers between their residing location and the airport. Meals from famous Taiwanese restaurants or hotels are offered, mostly to First and Business Class passengers. There are a total of 9 China Airlines lounges (including 1 Mandarin Airlines lounge in Taichung) at 7 different airports. The Boeing 777-300ER and Airbus A350-900 of China Airlines features a galley bar, Sky Lounge, for Premium Business Class passengers to serve themselves with coffee, tea, alcoholic beverages, cup noodles, or snacks. In 1979, the airlines switched all operations from the smaller Taipei Songshan Airport to the newly built Chiang Kai-Shek International Airport (now Taoyuan International Airport). Air China Limited is the national flag carrier of China and one of China’s major airlines. Tigerair Holdings previously held 10 percent of the shares. First Class seats are now sold as Business Class. China Eastern Airlines has 77,005 employees across 40 locations. [34] The carrier operated occasional cross-strait charter flights for another few years until 2008, when regular charters flights started. China Airlines' slogans have been as follows: The name China Airlines, reflects the official name of Taiwan as the Republic of China. It is headquartered in Taipei Taoyuan International Airport and operates over 1400 flights weekly (including 91 pure cargo flights) to 102 cities across Asia, Europe, North America, and Oceania. Designed to refresh the brand image of the carrier, the plan included product innovations, new uniforms, and fleet replacements. Welcome to China Airline Facebook Page! China Airlines has diversified into related industries and sectors, including ground handling, aviation engineering, and inflight catering. The airline's subsidiaries include low-cost carriers Mandarin Airlines (AE) and Tigerair Taiwan (IT). China Airlines (CAL) (Chinese: 中華航空; pinyin: Zhōnghuá Hángkōng) is the state-owned national carrier of the Republic of China (commonly known as Taiwan), and one of its two major airlines along with EVA Air. ", political status of Republic of China (Taiwan), Ministry of Transportation and Communications, Bangkok Suvarnabhumi International Airport, Taoyuan International Airport Services Limited, "LCC War Kicks Off In Taiwan: Tigerair Taiwan and V Air Ready To Take To The Skies", "Taipei Notebook : A Flag-Carrier That Won't", "China Airlines Once Again Passes Rigorous Safety Audit", "China Airlines to join Sky Team Alliance", "China Airlines "Next Generation Plan" Part I: The New Boeing 777-300ER Cabin", "China Airlines Debuts William Cheung-Designed Uniforms", "Airbus Customer Services launches Airbus MRO Alliance", "China Airlines eyeing aircraft maintenance business", "Taiwan legislature calls for China Airlines name change", "China Airlines Inaugurates CAL Park at Taoyuan Airport", "Coronavirus Confusion Puts Name of Taiwan's China Airlines in the Spotlight", "Virus Outbreak: CAL to highlight 'Taiwan' on delivering donations", "China Airlines Launches Taipei Songshan-Seoul Gimpo Service on April 30", "China Airlines launches daily Taipei – Ontario service from Mar 2018", "A350-900XWB Cabin Interiors and Route Plans", "Taiwan's China Airlines in talks to start Ontario, CA ops", "China Airlines / Air Europa Begins Codeshare Partnership from late-March 2016", "China Airlines / Malaysia Airlines proposes codeshare service from Nov 2016", "QANTAS CUSTOMERS TO ENJOY DIRECT FLIGHTS TO TAIWAN WITH CHINA AIRLINES", "Rail&Fly Unsere Partner-Airlines – Our Partner Airlines", "China Airlines Fleet Details and History", "China Airlines opts for A321neos and 777 Freighters", "China Airlines selects the A321neo for its future single aisle fleet", "Taiwan's China Airlines targets 1Q21 pax B747 phase-out", "ChinaChina Airlines Initiates Boeing 747-400 Retirement Process", "China Airlines takes delivery of first A350XWB", "China Airlines To Refurbish Airbus A330-300 Fleet", "China Airlines Initiates Boeing 747-400 Retirement Process", "First ci's special livery aircraft to promote Taiwan tourism", "China Airlines' 60th Anniversary Liveried Aircraft Makes First Flight to Ontario, California", "China Airlines Makes History With Newest 777-300ER", "A350 Joint Livery with China Airlines and Airbus Arriving in Taiwan in October", "China Airlines Launches A350 "Flying Ambassador" to Explore the Beauty of Taiwan", "China Airlines Unveils Cloud Gate Livery", "China Airlines New Boeing 777-300ER Interior", "China Airlines Boeing 777-300ER Family Couch", "Review of the Newly Renovated Dynasty Lounge at TPE Terminal 1", "China Airlines and China Eastern Airlines Partner on First Greater China Region SkyTeam Exclusive Lounge at Hong Kong International Airport", "China Airlines releases special online promotions", "South Bay – SFO Int'l Airport Bus Service", "Houston International Airport Bus Service", Tigerair Taiwan Returned to Profit Last Month: CAL, "ASN Aircraft accident McDonnell Douglas MD-11 B-150 Kushimoto", "China Airlines Boeing 737-800 destroyed by fire", "CAL 737-800 that caught fire had punctured fuel tank", China Airlines takes air safety to new levels, Novotel Taipei Taoyuan International Airport, Association of Asia Pacific Airlines (AAPA),, Companies listed on the Taiwan Stock Exchange, Articles containing Chinese-language text, Articles containing traditional Chinese-language text, Articles with unsourced statements from December 2010, Articles with unsourced statements from December 2016, Articles with unsourced statements from March 2009, Articles containing potentially dated statements from November 2020, All articles containing potentially dated statements, Articles with deprecated sources from May 2020, All articles with specifically marked weasel-worded phrases, Articles with specifically marked weasel-worded phrases from June 2020, Articles with dead external links from July 2020, Articles with permanently dead external links, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License. The next 20 years saw sporadic but far-reaching growth for the company. [20], Labor-management unrest has been a major issue at China Airlines over recent years. China Airlines Airbus A330-300 with Rolls-Royce Trent 700 engines (leased from Virgin Atlantic). Taiwan Aircraft Maintenance & Engineering Co. (TAMECO), “ Expect The Coming Greatness” (approximately 2016) a slogan featured on marketing material distributed at the San Francisco Orchid Society's Pacific Orchid Expedition of which China Airlines was a sponsor. The second co-branded livery was painted on a Boeing 777-300ER delivered in May 2016. B-18316 and B-18317 are expected to continue collecting data until 2027.[97][98]. Flights to Mainland China were not permitted until 2003, when the carrier's Chinese New Year charter flight 585 from Taipei-Taoyuan to Shanghai-Pudong via Hong Kong made China Airlines the first Taiwanese carrier to legally land in Chinese mainland and the first carrier to legally fly between the two areas after their split during the civil war. Japan is the most important market of the carrier, with over 180 flights weekly from multiple points in Taiwan to 14 Japanese destinations. Lounge services at other China Airlines destinations are offered by Skyteam, partner airlines, or local operators. China Airlines has two aircraft painted in the Skyteam alliance livery: In 2009, China Airlines decorated one plane of each of its plane types with the "50th Anniversary" logo. [96], Since 2012, China Airlines has been participating in the Pacific Greenhouse Gases Measurement (PGGM) Project, led by the Environmental Protection Administration, Ministry of Science and Technology, and National Central University. [citation needed] With the airlines' first two Boeing 707 aircraft, trans-Pacific flights to San Francisco via Tokyo were initiated on 2 February 1970. The carrier wis, in 2013, the 29t lairgest airline in the warld in terms o passenger RPK (revenue per kilometer) an the 9t lairgest in terms o fricht RPK. Scoot operates a fleet of Boeing 787-8 and 787-9 aircraft. Special meal offerings can be requested in each class during booking, including children's, religious, vegetarian, and other meals. Older aircraft to be replaced by the Boeing 777F. De maatschappij moet niet worden verward met Air China, dat de nationale luchtvaartmaatschappij van de Volksrepubliek China is. China Airlines, Ltd. Introduction . Through cooperating with designers from the Greater China region, the carrier hoped to introduce unique product offerings that can showcase the beauty of the Orient and cultural creativity of Taiwan. IndependentAuditors’ Report Due to the company's poor safety record in the 1990s, China Airlines began to change its pilot recruitment practices and the company began to actively recruit civilian-trained pilots with proven track records. Dynasty Lounge is available to Business Class passengers and Dynasty Flyer Gold, Emerald, and Paragon cardholders. [17] Moreover, a joint-venture agreement has been signed with Tulsa-based Nordam, specializing in nacelle, thrust reversers, and composite materials, to establish the only Nordam repair center in Asia. The first two A350s were named Mikado pheasant and Taiwan blue magpie by the airline. The marketing material also referenced “China Airlines presents newly retrofitted Boeing 747-400.”, Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport Terminal 2 (near Gate D4; closed for renovation until Sep 2018, Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport Terminal 2 (previously branded as Dynasty Supreme Lounge), 20 November 1971: Flight 825, operated by a, 27 February 1980: Flight 811, operated by a, 21 August 1983: Flight 811, operated by a, 7 December 1992: Flight 012, operated by a, This page was last edited on 28 November 2020, at 01:18. Figures are for individual airlines; aggregate figures for airline groups (airlines and their partners/subsidiaries related by full equity ownership) are shown only when they are officially published. The first China Airlines special livery, the "Taiwan Touch Your Heart" tourism-promotional livery, was introduced in 2003. The table is updated periodically as and when new monthly data are available. [28], China Airlines has had many uniforms since its establishment in 1959. The partnership ensures that members flying the four airlines can enjoy matched benefits and freely change flights to any Greater China Connection partner-flights.[88]. China Airlines operates ower 1,300 flichts weekly tae 95 airports in 91 ceeties athort Asie, Europe, North Americae an Oceanie. It has also phased out most Boeing 737-800 delivered before 2014. The Premier announced the China Airlines would highlight Taiwan on the fuselage of planes delivering COVID-19 related medical supplies. China Airlines is the largest airline in Taiwan, and is the flag carrier of the Republic of China.It takes passenger and cargo to over 90 cities world-wide. 224 talking about this. Mixed nuts are offered to customers in all classes before flight while pre-flight drinks are served exclusively to First and Business Class passengers. Boeing 737-800 aircraft are equipped with 8 recliners styles seats with 40" of pitch. Each seat features natural woodgrain table, adjustable reading lights, multiple storage bins, AC and USB sockets and an 18-inch multiple-touch screen with touchscreen-control. CAL Park, located at the airport entrance, forms a straight line with Terminal 1, Terminal 2, and the future Terminal 3. See insights on China Eastern Airlines including office locations, competitors, revenue, financials, executives, subsidiaries … (The aircraft took off from Taoyuan Airport, stopped over at Hong Kong Airport, and landed at Shanghai Pudong Airport.) Over 200 flights were cancelled between 8 February and 14 February. [1], China Airlines is owned by Taiwan-based China Airlines Group and operates China Airlines Cargo, a member of SkyTeam Cargo, which operates a fleet of freighter aircraft and manages its parent airline's cargo-hold capacity. Starting from October 7, 1995, partly as a way to avoid the international controversy, China Airlines unveiled its "plum blossom" logo,[6] replacing the national flag, which had previously appeared on the tail fins (empennage), and the aircraft livery from the red-white-blue national colors on the fuselage of its aircraft.