COVID-19 (coronavirus) Information for schools Certifying Statement Application - Results and Certificates - … 00. The Customer’s Order is an offer to purchase Services on these Conditions. You will be able to see an applicant’s Statement of Results and a photo taken on the day of the test. Problems paying online for a Certifying Statement. All additional copies of the certifying statement cost 10. June JUNE 2012 Qualification e.g. The free service is secure, easy to use, and means you can be certain that a candidate’s result is valid. Certifying Statement for CEFR - how do I apply? Statements of results are not certificates and may not be accepted by a university or other public body when sent or handled by the student. Understanding the Statement of Results Your Statement of Results gives you two main pieces of information: 1 Overall score This is your overall Cambridge English Scale score for the whole exam. Cambridge will send the Customer an email confirming receipt of the Order. For UK university applications, all results are automatically sent to ‘Universities and Colleges Admissions Service’ (UCAS) when results are released. Also: On the form to apply for the statement it says "exam series: " and the explanation is "an examination series comprises one or more subjects taken at one or more levels during a given period in a given year. If you require a Certifying Statement for CEFR as evidence of your competence in English for a university or visa application please see the application form and guidance on our website. 00 each. For example, january 2010 is one series and june 2010 is another series." Cambridge IGCSE Centre ZZ123 Candidate 123456 Centre name and address Total number of copies required The Cambridge School Road Cambridge UK 1 36. The results of the examination are recognized and accepted by various countries in the Commonwealth. The majority of your students’ results will be available at the start of the release window, with any outstanding results being released in the days following. Return the form with a copy of the deposit slip at the address below: 2 Individual scores Cambridge International Certifying Statement of Results ... Fee €110.00 for a Certifying Statement of Results (per examination session not per subject) Please make your payment at any branch of Bank of Cyprus into the British Council account, (utility code 3836). How to register How can I verify my Cambridge results? Statement of results specimen (PDF, 1MB) It is the average of the individual scores that you receive for the four skills. This is the most important piece of information. The Certifying Statement is fully endorsed by the Vice Chancellor of the University of Cambridge. Institutions with access to Cambridge International Direct can confirm the information on the statement of results through the verification portal. Your overall score - your overall Cambridge English Scale score for the whole exam. Candidates can apply to us if they would like their results to be verified or for a certifying statement (an official document from us to show the grades they achieved in a particular exam series). Your Statement of Results will include: Your result - the final grade you obtained for your exam. The Cambridge O-level Examination in Singapore is a unified examination co-sponsored by the Ministry of Education of Singapore and the Cambridge University Examination Bureau of the United Kingdom. You can check the authenticity of any Cambridge English result by using our free online Results Verification Service. A candidate/applicant may apply for a Certifying Statement of Results on the Certifying Statement Application Form available at the section. Example Exam series e.g. Will they accept the "certifying" statement of results? How can I arrange for my results to be sent to an educational institution on results release day? To purchase Certifying Statements and Authenticated Certifying Statements (“Services”) from Cambridge through the online facility, the Customer must complete the online ordering process.