Top 30 Episodes of Bob's Burgers (Ranked) Hi there everybody, long time BB's lurker here. “Bad Tina” is a further analysis of what makes Tina tick, and how we can all learn a bit about navigating the world from here. to earn money for Tina’s birthday party. : The Outside Toilet” is a wonderful journey into the world of Gene, the series’ most enigmatic character. Upon learning that she has a cavity and needs a filling, Louise runs away from the dentist's office and seeks refuge at Aunt Gail's. This twist helps “Housetrap” rise above the sort of Three’s Company-esque mistake-based comedy into something truly special. “O.T. Advertisement. Yes, nice things are in fact nice, and what is so winning about this episode is how it really experiments with the show’s possibilities while still keeping things firmly grounded in the already firmly established Bob’s Burgers universe. The Belchers are always at their best when they let their imaginations run wild. 1 Plot 2 Cast 3 Videos 4 External links Bob enters a burger-tasting contest, only to discover that his distinguishing ingredient is missing! Worried that his kids are not enjoying summer vacation because he's making them work in the restaurant, Bob fires them. And if you didn’t cheer when The Thompson Twins’ “If You Were Here” began (in a wonderful homage to Sixteen Candles), you are dead inside. Not ones to waste a golden opportunity, Tina, Gene and Louise transform the basement of the restaurant into a makeshift casino. The Belcher family adventures are an offbeat thrill that celebrates family, singing, burgers and butts. When Tina gets a beloved toy swindled by an adult male fan of the My Little Pony-esque series The Equestranauts, Bob steps in to pose as a fan of the animated mini horses to save the day — presenting a pointed critique of Brony culture along the way. Tina is delighted when Bob fills in as substitute home-economics teacher at school and creates a fully operational restaurant in the classroom. (Actually, they probably still would have been, damn this clan is charming!). While “Teen-a-Witch” isn’t the best of Bob’s Burgers’ Halloween-themed episodes, it’s still a lot of fun. In the absence of any clip from the episode being available on YouTube, we present the above My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic/Bob’s Burgers mashup. With Bob’s Burgers season 7 getting underway, we thought we’d present our picks for the best episodes to date. So yes, your fan theories about his brain being rotted by years of undiagnosed Mad Cow Disease are probably quite valid. Meanwhile, Bob cooks a burger to catch a renegade raccoon. Chris Cummins | The installment’s place here is not only penance for that unthinkable act, but it also showcases the series’ core appreciation of pop culture. You are most welcome. Bob's Burgers is an American animated television sitcom that premiered on the Fox network on January 9, 2011. Add a photo to this gallery "Best Burger" on IMDb "Best … Putting Teddy in the spotlight as this episode does gives Murphy a chance to truly shine, and once again reiterates that Bob’s Burgers has the richest supporting cast this side of The Simpsons. Louise tries to avoid doing so but after she, her siblings, Andy and Ollie Pesto, and Darryl become trapped in a fort, Louise insults her and Millie decides not to help them get out. The Bob’s Burgers Thanksgiving episodes are as much of a personal tradition as Macy’s New York City parade. Bob and Linda visit school and learn that their kids' essays about their fantasy version of Wagstaff are “too creative” and “offensive.” Eugene transforms the school into a “Fart School for the Gifted” (watch out for Keyboard Jail); Tina, to her delight, depicts a world where she is romanced by countless zombie teenage boys; and Louise creates a school where she takes down a robotic Mr. Frond from the future (“We need more creamed corn!”). If this episode seems to understand Tina a bit more than usual, that’s because it was written by Dan Mintz, who provides her voice. Can a spooky haunted house make the Belchers believe in ghosts. Picking a favorite Bob’s Burgers character is not an easy task. To help out their dad, the kids go on a mission to find the ever-so-important black garlic. Over ten seasons, Bob's Burgers has proven itself a hearty meal of adult animation with eclectic characters, dysfunctional family antics and musical numbers. ... Bob's Burgers cooking up new episodes, but not about coronavirus. But they get more than they gamble for when landlord Mr. Fischoeder stops by and catches them in action. But they soon become bored and take jobs as "weed pickers" for a pair of hippie farmers. It centers on the Belchers, a family consisting of parents Bob (H. Jon Benjamin) and Linda (John Roberts) and their children Tina (), Gene (Eugene … Bob's Burgers, more so than any of its adult animation or sitcom contemporaries, is a series fueled by love.Showcasing the trials and tribulations of one burger flipping, wharf side family, Bob's Burgers often uses the greater utility and passions of love to help the Belchers weather any obstacle that comes their … Yet through it all their remains a core understanding that they are all their for each other no matter how weird things get. The story remains centered on the family restaurant, dealing with the umpteenth crisis on an important day. They are flawed, driven by their own weird obsessions — be it Jimmy Jr.’s butt or naming the Burger of the Day — but more than anything they love each other deeply. List of the best Bob's Burgers episodes, as voted on by other fans of the series. Millie first appears in "Fort Night" where she tries to get Louise to go trick or treating with her. In an homage to the “Bronies” subculture, Tina attends her first Equestra-con, a convention based on her favorite animated pony show, “The Equestranauts.” To her surprise, she finds that the show’s fans are middle-aged men (called “Equesticles”). The sitcom tells the story of an American family who run a struggling hamburger joint, as parents Bob and Linda Belcher do their best to support their three kids, Tina, Gene and Louise. Here he takes a night job driving cabs (MARSHMALLOW!) Bob is in a "best burger" competition, but is at risk of losing when an important part of the burger is nowhere to be found. Mort meets a mate - maybe. Then, to his horror, he finds that someone then dumps the turkey in the toilet in an act of Thanksgiving sabotage. As a nerdcentric site, we feel somewhat obligated to include the series’ riff on extreme fandom on this list. Instead, the stories told on Bob’s Burgers focus on the little victories in life, or, more accurately, the endless defeats. Since I can’t spend Thanksgiving with my flesh-and-blood family this year, I'm leaning heavier on the Belchers than usual for comfort. And we can’t wait to see what embarassments await him in the season ahead. Best Bobs Burgers Episodes by rileywymer | created - 12 Jun 2019 | updated - 05 Jul 2019 | Public Refine See titles to watch instantly, titles you haven't rated, etc But after Louise breaks the deep fryer, Bob takes a second job as a late-night cab driver to pay for Tina’s party. There is a “Mad Pooper” running wild at the Belcher children's middle school and Tina finds herself on a mission to get to the “bottom” of the situation. Fox’s animated sitcom, “Bob’s Burgers,” has returned for its ninth season. Directed by Don MacKinnon, Bernard Derriman. Just hit up any Halloween party this year and see how many folks are dressed up as the Belchers). But it would be dismissive to write her off as merely awkward or left of center. 21 of 21. There’s no shame in that. “Uncle Teddy” sees the burly dolt watching the Belcher kids while Bob and Linda attend a gathering of burger enthusiasts. In an effort to help socialize Louise, Linda invites four of her classmates over for a surprise slumber party. All that said, let’s get into our favorite servings of Bob’s Burgers. The Belchers are ready for an amazing Halloween! The Belchers get their shot as local celebrities on the 100th episode. After Bob cuts his finger and faints at the sight of his own blood, Linda brings him to the hospital and leaves the kids home alone. However, a wild bird attack leads to total mayhem. There’s a very simple reason for this: Animated or not, the Belchers are one of the most realistic families ever depicted on screen. RELATED: 10 of the Best Bob's Burgers … Tina befriends a bad girl in a bid to get closer to Jimmy Junior. The series may not be as big as The Simpsons, Family Guy, or other shows like Bob's Burgers, but it certainly has amassed a dedicated fan base. Season 4, … A leaky roof causes Bob to get trapped in a wall while Linda's mother visits. The series is highly successful, and even has a movie in the works, but some episodes have been more well-received than others. Louise expects to get a charge out of taking down her Thomas Edison-obsessed science teacher when she re-creates one of the famous inventor's experiments that involved electrocuting an elephant. However, among the 194 episodes that have aired so far, the cast has a few personal favorites. There’s a very simple reason though, Tina is so relatable because she is a mirror of our own weird adolescent neuroses. Originally a background player with Andy Kindler’s underused mortician Mort, Teddy has arguably become a main cast member. During the Bob's Burgers panel at this year's Comic-Con@Home, the … Admit it, you’re waiting for Work Hard or Die Trying, Girl to hit Broadway too. Things keep getting worse for Bob when the parents of Tina’s crush refuse to let their son attend the party, and Bob has to do everything in his power to save his daughter’s big day. What is the best Bob's Burgers episode of all time? Tina, Gene and Louise are filled with the Halloween spirit and head out with their friends for a candy-fueled adventure. After all, this is a series whose dud episodes are still in the single digits — something remarkable in today’s television landscape. When Louise refuses to go home, Linda sends Tina and Gene to join her and bets her that she won't last the weekend with Aunt Gail's "craziness". Bob’s Burgers’ 8th season has been one of its best so far, with many great episodes. As Fox prepares to serve up Bob's Burgers Season 7, we look back at its tastiest installments to date. Meanwhile, Gene gets creative - and slightly offensive - in a table-setting competition. The brilliant '30 Rock,' a more extreme example, stumbled across the finish line during its seventh and final season. That's why this list exists- so you can vote for your favorites and we can find out once and for all what everyone thinks the best episode is. A biker gang sets up shop in the restaurant, where they lament the loss of their beloved leader. View All. This is down to the vocal performance of Larry Murphy, who has transformed Teddy into modern TV’s most lovable lug. The Emmy-nominated 'Bob's Burgers' is … The casualty of a prank war between his kids, he becomes glued to the restuarant’s fancy toilet (in a nice touch, Felix Fischoeder’s misguided makeover of the room from “Ambergris” remains) just before he is to be interviewed by a local magazine. While Bob is boycotting the holiday, Linda and the kids spend Thanksgiving at the First Annual Fischoeder Turk-tacular Turkey Town Festival. List of the best Bob's Burgers episodes, as voted on by other fans of the series. Tina is desperate to get her first kiss at her 13th birthday party. This two-part season finale had, among other things, a showstopper of a musical number called “Nice Things Are Nice” (see above), a genius subplot that delves into Tina’s personality, and a surprisingly disturbing and off-model cliffhanger. Which one is best, though? 12. Out of the show’s sprawling cast there’s only a couple guest stars who make an appearance, and most of those … Characters like Tina and Gene have stolen the spotlight in so many episodes, helping solidify Bobs Burgers as an animation juggernaut. Determined to have a perfect Thanksgiving, Bob meticulously prepares the family turkey. List features episodes like "Human Flesh", "Crawl Space", and many more. In the end, Bob is humiliated, but he realizes that such things are his lot in life. I was just trying to think of what my favorite episodes of the show were the other day and ended up doing a top 30 list of my favorites. List RulesThe Best Bob's Burgers episodes, no matter how popular they are, of all time. Meanwhile, the other Belcher kids take jobs at the school restaurant, leaving Linda to run the burger joint by herself. Season 3 Episode 9 “Bob Rest Ye Gentle-Mannequins” Weirdly, Bob’s Burgers didn’t get around to doing a first Christmas episode until season 3. That’s an inspiring feat for any fictional character to pull off, let alone one who is so shamelessly butt obsessed. RELATED: Bob's Burgers: 10 Best Episode Title Puns, Ranked. Idiosyncratic, strange, not-rhyming, but somehow inevitable, Linda's Thanksgiving song represents the best of Bob's Burgers. Get the best of Den of Geek delivered right to your inbox! Unlike Family Guy however, it isn’t content with merely dropping references and moving on, but building upon them into a Frankenstein’s Monster of weirdness. Later, Tina gives the new girl, Tammy, a tour of the school, which includes her … The Best Bob's Burgers episodes, no matter how popular they are, of all time. 'Frasier' ran on creative fumes over its final two seasons - years 10 and 11. The episode kicks off with the quintessential Tina fantasy: grabbing butts with Jimmy Jr. and a zombie boy. Few television shows start their tenth year with the same creative snap as episode one. It was also Bob’s Burgers only hour-long special and is easily one of their most ambitious yet rewarding Christmas episodes ever. wanting to make out with zombies), Tina owns them, as she does herself. Fans will also enjoy the catchiest songs from the show and hilarious Bob's Burgers pop culture mashups. Advertisement. Bob and his family are forced to spend the weekend at Mort the Mortician's while the restaurant is being de-molded. Bob's Burgers' Halloween 2020 episode airs Nov. 1 at 9 p.m. Let's take a look at a list of the 5 of the best rated episodes, and 5 of the worst, according to IMDb. In the course of its first six seasons, Bob’s Burgers has gone from under-the-radar cult hit to full-fledged phenonemon (want proof? Bob's Burgers is well-known for extremely popular holiday episodes, and although only one Easter episode has aired so far, it kept up that tradition. As the author of said list, I will fully own up to the fact that it was an absolute travesty that I did not include the musical sequences from the would-be Working Girl and Die Hard stage shows featured in this episode. Now if only the show would give Marshmallow more to do…. Louise reveals that she has never been scared before and the family sets out to visit a spooky haunted house. In fact, she has become a role model because no matter how off-kilter her obsessions may be (i.e. Topics: bobs burgers , Entertainment All products featured here are independently selected by our editors and writers. Things go awry when Teddy starts experiencing a series of misadventures in babysitting while Bob makes the unpleasant discovery that the majority of his peers hate him. Given that, as of this writing, 107 installments have aired, paring things down was a challenge to say the least. When a powerful super-fan tricks Tina out of her rare toy pony, it’s up to Bob to go undercover to get it back. Oh hey, Stranger Things fans. The sixth season finale has Bob reaching the lowest point of his life. The Belcher kids break with a long standing Halloween tradition, veering away from their usual trick or treat trek in favor of a posh neighborhood that's known for its oversize goodies. Thanksgiving goes to the birds. Bob’s Burgers has become a beloved part of Fox’s Animation Domination lineup on Sunday nights.Now in its 11th season, one of its seasonal highlights every year is seeing how the Belcher family takes on the holiday season, including some hilarious Thanksgiving shenanigans that are always a hit with fans. With so many memorable episodes of the show, it's hard to trust just one person's opinion of what the top Bob's Burgers episodes of all time are. The day of … A bank robber holds up a bank across the street from Bob’s Burgers. Lists about the Fox animated series about Bob and Linda Belcher, their three kids, and the family burger joint they all help to keep running between disasters and songs.