You can easily achieve this look if you have short-to-medium in length. The taper starts near the eyebrow and the carve lines provide additional visual effects that can surely turn heads. They can also make any man look superb and classy. In this hairstyle, your natural twisted hair on the crown will be given emphasis. Black men curly hair looks run the gamut from long, curly Afros and high-top fades to curly twists and textured fauxhawks. Funky Afro Hairstyles For Women and Men Afros are Afro-American hairstyles. Afro hairstyle would be nothing without a couple of really well-defined braids. The Afro side part is a nice option it gives some good form and it also gives a fashionably slight side part. There is no need to shave both sides clean just to wear a faded hairstyle. Afro Hairstyles have always been most desired and popular ones. The close buzz, among other buzz varieties, will make your grey hair look astonishing any day. Another cool hairstyle that you can easily pull off is this Low Top design. Mini Ponytail Afro Hairstyles Contemporary Afro. You can achieve a suave style by copying this haircut. The texture of your hair, especially when it is trimmed shorts, lends itself to different kinds of artistic designs. This is just a quick fun video to show 3 of my easiest hairstyles. These hairstyles are largely wear by blackmen as well as girls. Apart from all hair you will get stylus hair in male hair cc. It can be paired with patterned sides, edgy outlines at the temples or a shaped top. Approximately all hairstyles are repository are available in the male hair. The Afro is a legendary haircut for men. Scroll through the gallery above to take a look: 15 Dapper Natural Hairstyles for Men You can request for a high fade, mid fade or low fade. For instance, this particular hairstyle has a V-shape at the back, which goes well with the spikes. Its trendy has a conservative yet modern look and best of all its unique. Although you cannot combine wild hair colors with just any style, having a Mohawk fade is a great choice to stand out! It also adds height, which is a great option for men with round faces. This low fade is one of the best examples of hairstyles that give an illusion to viewers. Here is another great example of how you can make a refined look using your dreads. This hairstyle allows you to maintain your dreads while having a taper fade. There is no limit to what your stylist can do when it comes to hair designs. You can also add color to one side to improve its style. Speaking of long hairstyles for African American men, the first thing that comes to mind is braids, but not only. #1 Low Fade with Weaves Choosing and styling the best black African hairstyles for men is not a tedious job. The afro has always been a staple for black men. This style stands out because the hair at the bottom has been shaved clean to make thick slashes visible. It’s a timeless haircut that’s perfectly suited to 4a, 4b and 4c hair. Because Afro hairstyle is quite challenging to keep looking well put together, it’s best to create one large ponytail to keep everything in place. Braids For Men. Having a thin beard also enhances the bone structure, which boosts masculinity and confidence. As for picking our a style, we’ve got you covered with 50 of the coolest cuts for 2017. What makes it different from other types of fade haircuts is that it is more stylish and inventive. In addition, the simple tie on top of the head gives more points to creativity. Source. You will also have a low maintenance while keeping your look stylish and clean. We have focused your hair length, hair color, and hair straightness while making this list. It is only cut short and creates a faux hawk style. Coolest Hairstyles for Men with Short Afro Hair. Contemporary Afro. This style will give you a cool and stylish facial frame that can catch the attention of some people around you. Whether your hair is long, medium or short, you’re about to see some of the best haircuts for black men right now. Aug 3, 2019 - Natural afro hairstyles . If you are not sure whether to go for a high top fade or a low top fade, you can just opt for a haircut that features the gradation of your natural textures. If you’re unsure how to maintain your do, a barber trained in this type of hair will be able to point you in the right direction and suggest products to keep it looking fresh.