Chairman's Message

It is my earnest privilege to hold office as Chairman of Amrutha Public School. I am very happy to know that the school maintains a very high standard in all the areas of operation, thanks to the hard work and dedication rendered by the Principal and the staff. Schools are social institutions. Social and economic transformation of society is the result of true education. Therefore high quality education at schools is a pre-requisite to produce right human resources required for the prosperity and development of the society. True education ensures that every child is nurtured holistically. The CCE has given an opportunity for the children to follow their passions without letting it hinder their academic performance.

Future advancement of a nation lies in the brains of children. Every child born in the nation should be allowed to blossom. The chief aim of education should be to draw out the best in the child and make it perfect for a noble use. I am sure that Amrutha Public School envisions creating in its campus thinking brains who can become high quality professionals as well as amazing leaders capable of re-establishing the moral and spiritual culture of our country.

I have immense pleasure in associating myself with Amrutha Public School as its chairman and I wish the very best to the Principal and staff for their sincerest endeavor in shaping the school into a centre of excellence in education and culture.